The iPhone X introduced exclusive features to Apple’s smartphone lineup in 2017. And, it also came with new technical issues specific to the redesign. Many faced call dropping problems after updating this device to iOS 15. Though, Apple claimed to fix this software bug from iPhone X.

But, the users still experience issues when receiving calls. Like any smartphone, iPhone X can generate issues over time. Sometimes, it might stop responding or can be stuck on Apple Logo. Try to restart this Apple product in such instances.

If that doesn’t work, remove the iPhone X’s battery. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and reinsert it. It will resolve this glitch from this device. Most iPhone X issues can be solved without external help. However, you may need professional support for complicated errors.

Now, let’s see what the other iPhone X issues are and how to troubleshoot them:

Face ID Not Working

The most common complaint about the iPhone X relates to its Face ID. It sometimes stops working and prevents users from unlocking their devices. In most cases, this issue occurs when there is dirt or dust inside the iPhone camera. An outdated iOS can also trigger this problem.

Is there a fingerprint stain on the TrueDepth camera? It can be a reason behind this face detection issue. Moreover, there’s an array of sensors and cameras on the iPhone X’s “notch”. And, the face ID won’t work if dust particles clog these units.

Wipe this device’s surface with a microfibre cloth to prevent this issue. But, don’t exert too much pressure while cleaning; it can damage the camera. Still having problems with the iPhone X’s Face ID feature? Open the phone settings and tap on “Face ID & Passcode”. Opt for “Reset Face ID” and set it up again.

The iPhone is Automatically Taking Screenshots

Apple didn’t integrate a home button into iPhone X. Unlike the other phones, and it can’t take screenshots using the Home and Power buttons. Instead, it uses the Volume Up and Side button keys to capture the entire screen.

Sometimes, this device can take screenshots even when not holding these buttons. Usually, this occurs when you keep the iPhone X inside a bag or pocket. A slight pressure on these buttons can enable this feature. And, there is no way to change the key shortcut. But, you can still fix this issue from the iPhone X.

Get a phone case with a recessed side button. It will prevent the device from automatically taking screenshots. There are different quality iPhone X covers available in the market. Choose the one that fits with the phone design. Besides, you should turn off the iPhone when you aren’t using it.

Screen Glitches

The iPhone X is Apple’s first-ever phone with an OLED display. They used this screen type in the Apple Watch and MacBook Pro. But, the screen technology is more advanced in this iPhone model. It is also water and dust resistant. However, it still causes certain screen problems.

Some noticed a slight change in colour hue when moving the display. Moreover, you might see green lines on the screen while using power-intensive apps. Screen burn is another problem that users experience with the iPhone X.

It is a display issue which discolours certain areas on the touch screen. Apple recommends a few easy fixes for these screen errors. First, ensure the “Auto-Brightness” feature is enabled. Then, head to iPhone X’s “Settings” and double-tap on “General”.

Toggle on “Accessibility” and choose “Display Accommodations”. Choose from either “Invert Colours” or “Colour Filters” and check if the issue persists.

Are there any Other Solutions to Fix iPhone X’s Screen Issues?

Reduce the Auto-lock time to fix this iPhone X problem. Access the device settings and select “Display & Brightness” afterwards. Search for “Auto-Lock”, toggle it on and set the time to 30 seconds.

Restart the iPhone, and no lines will appear on the OLED display. Moreover, you should always use the device at a minimum brightness level. High screen brightness can result in discolouration.

Thus, adjust the device brightness from the Control Center. Try to watch any movies and check if the issue is resolved. Are you still facing the same problem? Then, you need to opt for an instant screen replacement.

Phone Call and Touch Screen Delay issues

These two issues occurred on iOS 11 and earlier versions. The first one was related to iPhone X’s incoming calls. Resolving this problem might be a little tricky. The screen lights up, and the ringtone plays, but the answer/decline call prompt doesn’t appear.

Meanwhile, the touch screen issue affected the users in cold climates. The iPhone X’s screen stops responding after a sudden drop in temperature. Apple fixed both these issues in the iOS 12 update. Thus, ensure the iPhone X is running the latest iOS version.

Go to the iPhone X’s “Settings” and tap on “General”. Scroll down to the next tab and select “Software Update”. Completing the software update may take at least 10-15 minutes. Don’t turn off the iPhone X and check there is sufficient charge. Restart the phone after that and use it without glitches.

Speakers Crackling at High Volumes

iPhone X uses stereo speakers to produce loud sounds. However, these speakers can cause issues when increasing the volume. Usually, it occurs for configuring incorrect audio settings. You may have chosen an audio volume which doesn’t support the iPhone X.

Adjust the volume to fix this iPhone X sound glitch.

What are the Other Critical iPhone X Issues?

Performance issues can occur in the iPhone X due to consistent use. And, a soft reset can solve this issue immediately. Press the Volume Up button for 2 seconds and release it. Now, it’s time to hold the iPhone X’s Volume down button.

Release this button after a few seconds and hold the Side button until the Apple Logo appears. Additionally, you can update iOS to speed up the phone’s performance.

Is the iPhone X taking an ample amount of time to charge? Check its battery, power adapter and lightning cable. And, replace these iPhone units if there is wear and tear.