Apple introduces new ways to share and communicate with the iOS 16 update. Users can customise their lock screen and keep photos in the iCloud Shared Photo Library. You can now “Unsend” a text message in iMessage and schedule emails in this latest iOS. Besides, the company updated the “Live Text” feature in iOS 16. It can now translate the text and convert currency quickly.

Developers have also added a new “Focus” feature in their latest software update. New tools for “Mail” enhance the iPhone user’s data sharing experience. Moreover, Apple has significantly improved the “Visual Look Up” feature in iOS 16. Users can now tap and hold the images to add them to iMessages. Furthermore, you can easily recognise an image’s objects using this feature. 

Here are fascinating iOS 16 features which you should know:

  1. All-new Lock Screen Experience 

iPhone’s “Lock Screen” feature gets more useful and creative with iOS 16. It has a new multilayered effect to set the photos in front of the lock screen’s time. Users can also customise the date and time in different styles and colour choices. 

Moreover, you can add upcoming calendar events and battery levels on the lock screen. Apple promised to include time zones and Activity ring processes in iOS 15. However, the company somehow failed to add these widgets in the previous update. 

But, you can now use them by installing the iOS 16 update. Add these widgets to the lock screen and get all information from one place.

How to add widgets in the new iOS 16 Lock Screen? 

Turn on the iPhone and tap the frame below the time to move the widgets selector. Select the required widgets from the list and drag them to the frame. Arrange the lock screen widgets accordingly and tap on “Done”. Restart the iPhone and check whether all the added widgets are on the lock screen. 

What else is new in iOS 16’s Lock Screen feature?

Apple included a new Lock Screen gallery in this next-generation iOS. Users get a “Weather” wallpaper to check live weather conditions. There is also an “Astronomy” wallpaper that shows the Moon’s and Earth’s current alignment. Besides, you can also create wallpapers using their favourite emojis or colour combinations.

The company also added a “Live Activities” feature on the Lock Screen. Enable this feature to get real-time updates on the ongoing sports events. Users can check the food delivery order-related updates without unlocking the phone. Moreover, Apple redesigned “Notification Center” in the iOS 16 update. It will now let the users check all the important messages from the lock screen.

  1. Improve your Productivity with Focus

Apple added “Focus” in iOS 15 to help the users concentrate on a task by minimising distractions. Developers have added more features in “Focus” in the iOS 16 update. It is more useful and easier to set up and connect to the “Lock Screen”. Additionally, you can include more widgets in Focus by installing the new iOS.

Do you know what the best part about this advanced Focus mode is? You can now activate it from the Lock Screen with a swipe. Long-press on the iOS 16’s “Lock Screen”, tap on “Focus”, and choose a mode you want to set. 

Moreover, Apple revamped the “Focus Filters” in iOS 16. It will display the content relevant to the user, helping them to increase their work efficiency. 

  1. Sharing Family Photos became Easier

“iCloud Shared Photo Library” provides families a new way to share their photos. You can create a separate iCloud library and add up to six participants. Users can choose to share photos from the iPhone’s libraries or only with the people who are in the photo. Additionally, you will get an option to share the recently captured photos.

iPhone owners can directly share the images from the Camera app to the Shared Library. However, you need to adjust the device settings for that. Access the iOS 16 settings and double-tap on “Photos”. Navigate to “Library” and select “Shared Library” from the list. 

Tap on “Sharing from Camera from the Shared Library screen”. Wait until the next window papers on the iOS 16 device screen. Toggle on “Sharing from Camera” to send photos from “Camera” to “iCloud Shared Photo Library”. 

Users will get suggestions to share photos with the added Shared Library participants. Besides, every Shared Library user has access to add, remove or edit photos. You can decide which photos to appear in “Memories” or “Featured Photos”. So, send more than 100+ photos by switching from iOS 15 to iOS 16. 

  1. Explore the New iMessage features

Users can edit the recently sent messages in iOS 16. Moreover, you can recover the deleted messages and mark conversations as “Unread”. iPhone owners can link SharePlay to iMessage to enjoy movies or songs together. Along with iMessage, SharePlay is available on other messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

How to Use SharePlay in Messaging apps on iOS 16 devices?

Enable the “iMessage” app and turn on the iPhone’s Wi-Fi after installing iOS 16. Then, open the desired app from where you want to share the content. Locate the “Share Sheet” icon, select “More”, and opt for “SharePlay”. Enter the recipient’s name or their contact number when prompted. 

Tap on “Messages” to open the recipients’ conversation screen. The selected messaging app will send the content link to the recipient. You need to tap “Send” if you have shared the content via iMessage to share the link. The recipients must click the link to watch the video from their iPhones using SharePlay. 

  1. New tools are added to the iPhone’s Mail app

Apple updated the iPhone’s “Mail” app in the recent iOS update. Users can cancel the delivery of an email before it reaches the recipients. This app will notify if you forget to add an attachment to the emails. Moreover, you can read the old messages by entering the date of receiving them.

Besides, you must enable the “Follow Up” feature to keep track of important emails. Appel also redesigned the search box of this app. It will now provide more relevant and accurate results to iPhone users. Besides, you can easily find recent emails and shared contacts or links from the “Mail” app. 

  1. Do more with CarPlay

Apple has changed the way people interact with their vehicles by introducing CarPlay. This new feature will help iPhone users to check the car’s fuel level. You can even monitor the vehicle’s speed by connecting the iPhone to CarPlay. 

Moreover, users can include the iPhone apps in the car’s display, enabling the CarPlay feature. It will help you to turn on the music or check the weather condition from CarPlay’s dashboard. Besides, you can also pay the fuel price from the driver’s seat using this feature. 

Is there a new Family Sharing feature in iOS 16?

Apple included a “Family Sharing” feature in the latest iOS. This feature allows users to set up an account for a child with the right parental controls. Moreover, it offers music, book or video suggestions based on the user’s age. 

Parents can approve or decline the request from iMessage when a child asks for more screen time. Do you want to use this feature? Open the iPhone settings window to enable Family Sharing.