Apple unveils the iOS 16 features at the WWDC 2022 keynote. This latest iPhone software has a customisable lock screen with widgets. The developers revamped the Focus mode feature in this iOS, and iMessage got a new feature to delete the texts instantly. Further, the company has significantly improved iCloud’s Shared Photo Library.

But, you have to wait till September to access these iOS 16 features because Apple is still working on this iOS and won’t release it soon. However, the iOS 16 developer beta version is now available to iPhone owners. After the annual WWDC event, Apple launched this next-generation iOS version.

You can download it any time to check out the exclusive features. But, it is limited to the Apple Developer Program members. Thus, you need to enrol in this program before installing the iOS 16 Beta version. Open a browser, write “Apple Developer Program, and press “Enter”.

Provide the login information when the web page opens. Sign in to the Apple account, and then follow these steps to download the iOS 16 Beta:

Requirements for Downloading the iOS 16 Developer Beta Version

iOS 16 is currently in the pre-release state, and there might be bugs and other issues. It can also slow down the iPhone’s performance. Thus, you need to think twice before installing the beta version. The iOS 16 may now have unfinished features, and these early beta releases are intended for the Apple developers.

Developers release the beta version to identify the problematic features. And, it is requested not to download the iOS 16 on the primary device. It may restrict you from using certain iPhone features. Many iPhone 11 Pro users have already faced camera issues after downloading the iOS 16 Beta.

Moreover, the iOS 16 Beta takes up 3GB of space. Ensure there is enough space on the iPhone before installing the software. Back up the important data on another storage medium. This iOS will only work in iPhone 8 or later visions. iOS 16 Beta won’t run on iPhone 6S or earlier models.

Enrol on the Apple Developer Program First!

The first step to getting the iOS 16 beta is to enrol in the Apple Developer Program. Have you already registered for this Apple service? Then, you don’t need to follow this step. But, if you haven’t availed the membership yet, go through these instructions:

  • Open the App Store and go to the search bar to write “App Developer app”.
  • Tap on “Get” to install the iOS app on the latest iPhones.
  • Open the app when the download is complete and select “Account”.
  • Opt for “Enrol Now” and sign in with the Apple ID credentials.
  • Read the benefits of the Apple Developer program.
  • Enter the required information and scan the ID to verify your identity.

Click “Agree” when the program licence agreement window pops up. Pay the Apple Developer Membership fee by syncing the Apple Pay account.

This Apple program offers cost-effective monthly subscription plans. Choose the one that suits your budget and make the payment. You will be redirected to Apple’s Account page afterwards.

Here, you can check whether Apple has enrolled on your membership. Besides, iPhone users can check when the membership’s expiration date is. The Apple Developer Program expires within 30 days. Thus you need to renew the plan to avail the benefits.

How to Download the iOS 16 Developer Beta on iPhones or iPads?

It is pretty easy to install this new iOS on Apple devices. But, before that, check if there is more than a 60% charge on the iPhone or iPad. Otherwise, the device will turn off due to insufficient charge and interrupt the iOS update.

You can also connect the devices with the power adapter when downloading the iOS 16 Beta.

Open the Apple Developer Program app and head to the download page. Search for iOS 16 Beta and select “Install Profile” for iPhones.

Additionally, you need to choose “iPad 16 Beta” for iPads. Tap on “Allow” and access the iPhone or iPad’s Settings window. Go for “Profile Downloaded” and navigate to “Install”. Enter the device’s passcode when prompted and select “Install”.

A new page will appear on the iPhone screen with a confirmation message. Click “Install” to initiate the iOS 16 Beta download process. It may take at least 20-30 minutes to complete the software update. Restart the iPhone or iPad after that and connect it to the Wi-Fi.

Open the device settings, double-tap on “General” and click “Software Update”. Choose “Download and Install” when the new window appears on the iPhone screen. Tap on “Install” and enter the lock screen password to complete the update. The phone will automatically reboot, and you can access the iOS 16 Beta features afterwards.

Can You Download iOS 16 Beta on the Mac Devices?

Over-the-air updates require a certain amount of storage on Macs. If you don’t have sufficient space, remove the unwanted programs. Then, open the Safari browser to access the Apple Developer Program download page.

Look for the iOS 16 beta and tap on “Download Restore Images”. Choose the correct beta software restore image for the Mac device. Connect the Apple laptop to a computer and enter the passcode.

Alternatively, iPhone owners can select “Trust this Computer” when prompted. Open the Finder app, move to “Locations”, and select the Mac model. Head towards “General”, click “Software”, and see the device is running with iOS 16 beta.

Why Shouldn’t You Download the iOS 16 Developer Beta Version?

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t install the beta version of iOS 16. It costs $99 to purchase this software from Apple Developer Program. And, you get it for free when iOS 16 comes out. Moreover, you can experience issues to force close an app after this update.

AirDrop isn’t working on the iPhones with iOS 16 beta. Many faced issues when opening Safari. It is preventing the users from rolling back to iOS 15. The iOS apps may close automatically after installing iOS 16 Beta. Usually, it occurs due to compatibility issues, so do not install it on iPhones or iPads.