In a pinch, yes, you can use an Apple Watch charger to charge your iPhone – but with some limitations. Let’s delve into the details of compatibility and how this method works.

Compatibility of Apple Watch Charger and iPhone

There are two key factors to consider:

Get to Know about the Apple Watch Charger

The Apple Watch charger uses a wireless charging technology called Qi (pronounced “chee”). This technology allows compatible devices to receive power and they do not need a physical cable connection.

Different Charging Methods for iPhone and Apple Watch

iPhones that support wireless charging (iPhone 8 and later models) use the same Qi wireless charging standard. However, the Apple Watch charger is designed for a smaller device and delivers less power compared to a standard iPhone charger.

Using Apple Watch Charger for iPhone

There are two scenarios to explore:

Wireless Charging Pad Option

If you have a wireless charging pad that supports the Qi standard, you can place your iPhone on it and the Apple Watch charger (the magnetic puck) on top of your iPhone, aligning the charging coil of the Watch charger with the charging coil on the back of your iPhone. This will initiate wireless charging for your iPhone, at a slower rate than a regular iPhone charger.

Considerations You Must Not Forget

Here’s what to remember:

  • Slower charging: As mentioned earlier, the Apple Watch charger delivers less power, resulting in a slower charging experience for your iPhone.
  • Positioning matters: Ensure proper alignment between the charging coil of the Watch charger and the charging coil on the back of your iPhone for efficient charging.
  • Potential instability: The Apple Watch charger might not hold your iPhone securely due to its size and design.

Alternative Ways to Charge iPhone

If the Apple Watch charger isn’t ideal, here are other options:

Wireless Charging

Invest in a dedicated wireless charging pad designed for iPhones. These offer faster charging speeds and a more convenient experience.

Battery Cases

Consider a battery case that snaps onto your iPhone. This not only protects your phone but also provides additional battery life.

Power Banks

You must know that portable power banks are incredible for on-the-go charging. You must choose one that has enough capacity to charge your iPhone fully.


While you can use an Apple Watch charger to charge your iPhone wirelessly, there are more efficient solutions. The slower charging speed, potential instability, and need for precise positioning make it a less-than-ideal option. Consider investing in a dedicated iPhone charger, wireless charging pad, or a portable power bank for a more convenient and faster charging experience.