No, the iPhone 14, or any iPhone model for that matter, doesn’t come with an IR blaster.

Let’s delve deeper into what an IR blaster is and why iPhones lack this feature.

The Concept of an IR Blaster

An IR blaster is a tiny component found in some smartphones that transmits infrared signals. These signals are invisible to the human eye but can be detected by electronic devices like TVs, air conditioners, and even some sound systems.

IR Blaster Technology in Smartphones

Here we are about to discuss its function and uses:

How Does it Work?

When you use a smartphone app designed for your IR blaster, it translates your on-screen commands into specific infrared codes. The IR blaster then emits these codes, essentially acting like a remote control.

Common Uses

The primary function of an IR blaster is to control various home entertainment devices. You can use your phone to adjust the volume on your TV, change channels, or even control your DVD player.

iPhone 14 and IR Blaster

While some Android phone manufacturers include IR blasters in their devices, Apple has never incorporated this technology into iPhones. There’s no official reason behind this decision, but some speculate it might be due to design choices or a focus on other functionalities.

Alternatives for Remote Control Functionality

Although iPhones lack a built-in IR blaster, there are alternative ways to control your devices:

Universal Remote Apps

There are several apps available on the App Store that allow you to control your TV and other compatible devices using your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi. These apps often require a separate universal remote dongle to function.

Smart Home Integration

If you have smart home devices like smart TVs or streaming sticks, you can often control them directly through your iPhone using the device’s dedicated app or through Apple’s Home app if they’re compatible with HomeKit.


While the iPhone 14 doesn’t have an IR blaster, there are alternative solutions for controlling your home entertainment devices with your iPhone. Whether it’s through universal remote apps or smart home integration, you can still enjoy the convenience of using your phone as a remote control.