Suppose you connect the charger to the iPhone’s port. And, the device suddenly stops charging and displays an error message on the screen – “This accessory may not be supported’ error occurs when using an incompatible adapter.

Have you used the iPhone for more than 5 years? There is a high possibility that the device’s charging port is damaged. This is generating problems while charging the iPhones. Moreover, dust/dirt particles can accumulate inside the lighting port over time. Clean the iPhone ports to fix this complicated error.

MagSafe chargers are not compatible with the old iPhone models. It only works in the latest iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. Thus, don’t use these advanced chargers in the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 Plus. Additionally, outdated iPhone software can also trigger this problem.

Don’t know how to fix this iPhone charging issue? Follow this guide to solve the problem:

Reasons for “Apple iPhone Charging not Supported with this Accessory”

iPhone users may encounter this charging issue for several reasons. It could be an unwanted software glitch. Moreover, a faulty charger can cause this problem in the device. Ensure the iPhone charger is working properly. Replace it if it is taking ample time to power up the iPhone.

This error message can appear when connecting the iPhone to the power source. Check the power outlet in the first place. Reconcent and disconnect the iPhone’s charger from the wall outlet. And, then check if the device is getting an adequate power supply.

Besides, the iPhone’s charger needs to be MFi-certified. Otherwise, Apple may show the “This accessory may not be supported” message. Find a charger that is compatible with Apple’s design standards. Don’t look for a charging cable from any local store.

Instead, get an iPhone charger and lighting cable from an authorized Apple Store. An incompatible iPhone charger may damage its internal units. Additionally, it can cause overheating issues on the iOS device. So, consider buying MFi-certified chargers to avoid this issue.

Solutions to Fix “Apple iPhone Charging not Supported with this Accessory”

Fail to charge the iPhone even after using a new charger? There is nothing to fret over, as this problem can be solved easily. Try reconnecting the adapter to the iPhone. Tap on “Dismiss” when the error message appears on the device’s screen.

Remove the lightning cable from the port. Wait for a few minutes and plug it into the charging port. Then, check if the iPhone is showing a “This accessory may not be supported” message. Follow these solutions if the charging error persists:

Turn On and Turn Off the iPhone

There is a high possibility that the iPhone is showing this message for a minor software glitch. When you connect an accessory to the lightning port, its software determines whether or not to connect it. Thus, restart the iOS device to fix this software issue.

Do you use iPhone 8 or earlier models? Press the “Power” button and move the “Power Off” slider from left to right. Release the power key when the iPhone’s screen turns off. And, press and hold the “Power” key to turn on the latest iPhones. Plugin the charger cable to the iPhone’s port, and the error message won’t further appear.

How to Restart iPhone X or Earlier Versions?

The rebooting steps are different in the old iPhone models. Press the “Volume Up/Down” and “Slide” buttons together if you use iPhone XS or iPhone 5. And, drag the power-off slider to shut down this Apple product.

Wait for 15-30 seconds, and then turn on the iPhone by pressing the “Power” key. Connect the accessory where you are facing issues. The iPhone will start charging after a few seconds. However, move to the next solution if the error message pops up.

Inspect the Charger and Lightning Port

“This accessory may not be supported” appears if there’s wear and tear on the charging cable. However, any accessory connected to the lightning port could cause this problem. Look at the iPhone’s lightning connector’s end closely.

Are there any signs of discolouration or fraying? If yes, the accessory won’t connect to the iPhone. Moreover, the chances are high that the charger’s lightning connector is damaged. This is why the iPhone is unable to charge. Besides, you need to check the accessory’s USB port.

Did you notice any dirt, lint, or debris stuck inside the USB connector? Remove these contaminants using a toothbrush. Restart the iPhone after a few minutes and reconnect the charger. The iOS device will start charging without causing further problems.

Update the iPhone’s Software

Some accessories require a certain iOS version installed on the device to connect. Therefore, this error may occur for using an incompatible iOS. Update the iPhone’s software immediately to fix this charging issue. Turn on the iPhone and access the “Settings” window afterwards.

Head to “General” and scroll down to the page to search for “Software Update”. Double-tap on “Download and Install” if an update is available for the iPhone. However, you should check the device has at least 50% battery life before the update.

Don’t update the iPhone’s iOS if it has less than 10% of battery life. And, the iPhone will turn off when the installation begins. Moreover, you will see a status bar on the iPhone display. The iPhone will restart when it completes the update. Plugin the charger after 3-4 minutes and check if the iPhone shows the error message.

Lastly, Enable the DFU Mode…

iPhone’s DFU Mode allows the users to fix the software and firmware issues. Connect the iPhone to an iPad using a USB cable. Press the “Side” and “Volume Down” buttons together, and release these buttons after 8 seconds.

The iPhone screen will turn black when the device is in DFU Mode. Additionally, you need to select “iTunes” when prompted. Choose the problem you are experiencing on the iPhone from the list.

The DFU Mode will fix it within a few minutes. Restart the iPhone after that and connect the charger. Did you still get the “this accessory may not be supported” message? Contact an expert and repair the iPhone’s charging port.