An iPhone’s hotspot will be useful when there is no Wi-Fi connection. But, it is important to have a mobile data plan, and otherwise, the mobile hotspot might not work. Enable the Cellular Data and turn on “Personal Hotspot” to get internet on laptops.

Is the hotspot not working even after renewing the data plan? Then, ensure the device where you are sharing the hotspot is on.

Besides, the old laptop or PC models don’t have hotspot support. iPhone’s mobile hotspot won’t work in these instances. This iPhone error could occur when the Airplane Mode is on.

Did you turn on the Wi-Fi on the devices you need the iPhone’s hotspot? This can generate issues to get the internet connection on compatible devices. Restart the iPhone and the computers to fix this error.

Never keep the iPhone far from wireless devices. It might prevent the iPhone’s hotspot from working. Did you change the laptop’s network settings? It might be the reason behind such an occurrence.

Opt for network reconfiguration to eliminate this connection issue. Otherwise, you can also reset the iPhone to overcome the hotspot error.

Reasons behind the Hotspot Not working iPhone Error

Several reasons could trigger this communication problem in the iPhone. An outdated iOS might prevent the iPhone from providing an internet connection. Due to compatibility issues, the mobile hotspot can stop functioning. Sometimes, the devices’ security features can block the connection if it’s not secure.

Moreover, you can encounter this hotspot problem due to an incorrect Apple ID. Did you sign out from iCloud? This is why you face issues with turning on hotspots on your iPhone. Sign in to iCloud, enable “Personal Hotspot”, and share the internet without any hurdles.

Don’t connect more than one or two devices to the iPhone’s hotspot, and it causes the hotspot not working error on the latest iPhones.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix the Hotspot Not Working Issue

If you have never faced this iPhone error before, then you might be wondering how to fix it. Well, there are many solutions to resolve the issue. Start with enabling the “Handoff” feature on iPhone.

Additionally, you should uninstall the antivirus programs from the laptops/PCs. Many use remote support to use the iPhone’s hotspot on Windows devices. But, you can do that without any technical skill by following these solutions:

Disable and Enable the iPhone’s Hotspot

Sometimes, you need to reset the Personal Hotspot feature to fix it. To do that, open the iPhone settings and tap on “Personal Hotspot” afterwards. Toggle off the “Allow Others to Join” option and wait for a few minutes.

Toggle on this option, and then turn “Personal Hotspot” from the navigation panel. Restart the computer, turn on “Wi-Fi”, and check if you can find the hotspot name.

Are you still getting the hotspot not working error? Turn off “Bluetooth” to fix this complicated connection problem.

Turn on and Off the Cellular Data

This hotspot issue might be related to the iPhone’s connection to cellular data networks. If this iOS device faces issues finding those networks, the hotspot won’t work. Reset the mobile data connection by disabling and re-enabling it.

Open the device settings, tap on “Cellular”, and toggle it off once. Wait for a few seconds, and toggle on this option. Now, share the hotspot to the Mac devices without further network interference.

If the error persists, reset the iPhone’s network settings. Go to “Settings”, select “General”, and then choose “Transfer or Reset”. Head towards the “Reset” section and tap on “Reset Network Settings”. It will restore the default cellular settings and resolve the error.

Install the Latest iOS

Apple releases new software updates to remove the bugs and security patches. Thus, updating the iPhone software might fix the hotspot problem. First, open iPhone Settings, tap on “General”, and go with the “Software Update” option. Search for “Automatic Updates”, and enable the “Download iOS Updates” option.

Additionally, you should enable the “Install iOS updates” option from there. It will install the iOS when new updates are available. Are you trying to connect an iPad or a MacBook to the iPhone’s hotspot? Update these Apple products’ OS also to get over this technical glitch.

But, if that doesn’t fix the issue, check if you have entered the right iPhone hotspot password.

Enable Maximise Compatibility

Apple included different networking features and options on the iPhone 12 models. And, this could cause issues while connecting the other iOS devices to the hotspot. But, you can solve this error by using the iPhone’s maximise compatibility feature. Besides, iPhone users can switch from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz connection to get faster hotspot sharing.

Don’t know where to find this network option? Move to “Settings”, navigate to the “Personal Hotspot” menu, and choose “Maximise Compatibility”. Open the Wi-Fi list, tap on the iPhone’s hotspot name and browse the internet.

And, if you find the same hotspot name there, change it immediately. Find the Settings app, choose “General” and opt for the “About” option. Select “Name”, write a unique hotspot name and click “Done” afterwards.

Ensure the Mobile Plan includes Hotspot

Did you change the iPhone’s data plan? It might prevent the iPhone’s hotspot from working. Because if that plan doesn’t support a hotspot connection, you can’t use that. Most network companies don’t include Personal Hotspots these days, but some do.

Thus, check the network company’s account before you use the iPhone’s hotspot. Go to the current plan section to know if it works with the hotspot connection. If not, change the data plan to eliminate the “hotspot not working iPhone” error.

And, Lastly, Reset iPhone in DFU Mode…

iPhone users can solve this hotspot problem using the DFU Mode. It boots the device without removing any data and works, like Windows BIOS or Recovery mode. And, to get this option, first, turn off the iPhone and connect it to the Windows PC via a USB cable. Open iTunes from the computer and hold the side button for three seconds. Besides, you need to hold the volume down button simultaneously.

Release the slide button and press the volume button for another five seconds. Release it when the iPhone restarts, but the screen turns black. This indicates you have enabled the DFU mode.

Wait for a few minutes, and press the volume up and down button. Hold the side button until the device reboots. Now, turn on “Personal Hotspot” and connect it to the iPad or macOS devices.