Dropped calls are quite a common issue across all smartphones. It mainly occurs due to disconnection from the cellular network. And ,there are various possible explanations for that issue. The problem does not always lie with your device. So, you might have to consider all the possible causes to find the right solution.

Are you looking for a solution to your iPhone 12 Pro Max dropping calls? Regardless of the brand and model, you can try some common fixes on all phones. We have mentioned some of the most effective ones below. Try them out before you decide to approach a professional for a solution.

7 Methods to Fix Frequent Call Drops on iPhone 12 Pro Max

You can stop the call drops using various effective solutions. But, the solution depends on the cause of the problem. So, you might have to try out various methods before you find the right one.

Are you unable to determine what is causing the dropping calls? Then, proceed with the following simple steps right away:

  • Enable and Disable the Flight Mode

Reconnecting to the cellular network might help you resolve the problem. You can simply enable flight mode on your iPhone to disconnect it from the network. Then, wait for a few seconds before turning the flight mode off. Check whether the calls keep dropping once you are done. If it does, then you must also try restarting your iPhone for a solution. 

  • Restart the Device

The dropped calls might have something to do with a temporary error in many cases. And, restarting your iPhone can offer an effective solution in such situations. So, turn off the device for a while or simply perform a restart on it. If you choose to turn off the device, wait for at least a minute before turning it back on.

Make a call to check on the problem after restarting your iPhone. Does the call start dropping again? If yes, then you might need to apply more complex solutions. Restarting your iPhone can fix the frequent call drops in many cases. Move on to the next step right away if this one does not work. 

  • Fix the Date and Time Setting

Do you find the wrong date and time on your iPhone? Then, that might explain why it keeps dropping calls. And, you might find an effective solution by simply fixing the date and time.

Open the General settings on your device and go to the Date & Time section. Do you find the Set Automatically option disabled there? If yes, you must enable it to automatically fix the date and time.

Exit the Settings once you are done, and make sure your iPhone shows the right time and date. Then, call any of your contacts and check whether the call drops again. 

  • Call a Different Person

A dropped call might not necessarily indicate a problem at your end. It might also have something to do with the other caller. Especially so, if the calls keep dropping with the same caller every time. You must consider calling a different person in such situations. If the problem does not occur again, it might not lie in your device.

You must ask the person you called earlier to fix the problem with their device in such cases. But, what if you face this issue with different callers? In that case, you must look for the problem within your device. Try reinserting the SIM card in your iPhone if the previous steps do not work. 

  • Re-insert Your SIM Card into the Slot

Removing the SIM card might differ depending on your smartphone model. Regardless, you might fix the frequent call drops by re-inserting the SIM into the device. So, remove the SIM from your iPhone and insert it again. Then, check on the problem by calling any of your contacts.

You can use this method whenever you start facing frequent call drops on your iPhone. It is one of the most effective and simple solutions to the issue. But, what if it does not work in your case? Then, you must consider other possible causes and apply solutions accordingly. 

  • Close Some Background Apps

The repeatedly dropping calls on your iPhone might usually not have something to do with your apps. But, you must consider background apps as a possible cause if the previous methods were ineffective.

Are you running multiple apps in the background? If yes, you must try to close as many of them as possible. And, that might resolve the issue if you close the app causing the issue.

You must close enough apps to free up cache memory. Then, check whether the calls keep dropping. If they do, you must try enabling the Caller ID to fix the problem. 

  • Enable the Caller ID

Have you hidden the caller ID on your iPhone? If yes, then that does not always cause frequent call drops. But, it might explain the problem in your case. Especially so, if the problems started occurring after you hid the caller ID.

Enabling the caller ID can help you resolve the issue effectively in such cases. And, you must take this step if the previous ones were ineffective.

Open the Settings menu on your iPhone 12 Pro Max and go to the Phone section. Click on the ‘Show My Caller ID’ option and check whether it is enabled. Turn it on if you find it enabled, and then check whether the problem persists.

Other Possible Solutions

The aforementioned methods are usually enough to resolve repeated call drops on your iPhone. If they do not work, you must ensure you have the latest iOS version. Go to the system updates section on your phone and get the latest system version. This can resolve the issue over the long term in many cases. If nothing else works, reach out to an iPhone repair center for a professional repair.