Apple first introduced the iMessage with the release of the iPhone 4s. It strengthened the communication process between the iOS users. This messaging platform is protected with an end-to-end encryption feature. iMessage allows iPhone owners to send photos, links and locations over the internet. But, sometimes, a “message blocking is active” error might pop up while sending messages. Restart the smartphone to fix this complicated error. 

Usually, this issue occurs when both the sender and receiver are on each other’s blocklist. Did you disconnect the device from the internet? Then, the device might display this error message. A faulty SIM card can prevent an iPhone from delivering texts. 

Besides, you can experience this problem due to misconfiguration. Changing the settings to fix the “message blocking is active iPhone” error immediately. Renew the mobile data plan to send instant messages without further inconvenience.

Possible Reason behind Message Blocking is Active iPhone

Several reasons restrict the users from using iMessage. It could be because of deactivating the shortcode feature. Due to a service outage, the “message blocking is active” error message could appear. Wait for a minute, and then reset the message to the recipient. 

Moreover, the third-party applications can conflict with iPhone’s iMessage. Certain messaging apps require the user’s permission to run. If you have not provided the app permission, this error can occur.

Go to the device settings head towards the apps section. Tap on “iMessage”, choose “Permission”, and toggle on the “Allow Access” afterwards. Now, open the messaging app and send the required data without hassle. 

But, if that doesn’t work, you might select an incorrect plan. Check the mobile plan that you have subscribed to. If you are using a data plan, it won’t allow you to send messages. Change the plan immediately to resolve the “messaging blocking is Active iPhone” issue. 

Solutions to Fix the Message Blocking is Active iPhone Error

Along with iOS devices, this message error can occur in Android devices. You can get this issue in the other messaging platforms apart from iMessage. Thus, first, determine which application is causing the problem before fixing it. 

iPhone users should go to “Settings” and select “Messages”. Toggle off the “Turn iMessage off” option immediately. Now, try sending the media files from a different messaging app. If the message is delivered successfully, then the issue is with iMessage. Then, follow these solutions to resolve the “message blocking is active iPhone error:

1. Unblock the Recipient

You might have mistakenly added someone to the blocklist. This is why the iPhone or iPad is displaying this message. Unblock the number to fix the problem in minutes. First, move towards “Settings”, tap on “Phone”, and wait until the next window pops up. 

Choose ‘Blocking & Identification” and go through the number list. Tap on the required number, choose “Edit”, and click the “Unblock” button afterwards. Reboot the iPhone, open iMessage and start texting without further interference. 

2. Send Text Messages Only

Some platforms don’t support audio, videos or GIFs. Moreover, the old Android devices face problems while sending MMS. Most telecommunication networks have the technology to allow users to send multimedia messages.

But, it could trigger a “message blocking is active iPhone” error. Thus, consult with an IT expert before enabling the messaging options. Disable the multimedia option, and then send a text message to the recipients. 

Don’t know how to do that? Open “Settings”, tap on “Messages”, and locate “MMS Messaging”. Toggle on the option and send the important messages easily. Are you trying to send messages from an Android Phone? Then, after getting into the “Messages” section. Tap on “Settings” and select “More Settings”. Click the “Multimedia Messages” option and disable all the options. 

Write the text you want to send and check if it is delivered to the recipient. If not, then ensure you have a stable internet connection. Turn on the “Airplane Mode” once and turn it on after a few minutes. It will fix the connection issue from the iPhone and Android devices. Besides, an incorrect video or audio format could lead to this issue. Check the format and avoid sending media files, like PDFs. 

3. Re-Configure the iMessage Settings

iPhones fail to send messages when logged out from the iMessage account. Sign in again to resolve the “message blocking is active” error. First, open “Settings”, look for “Messages”, and select “enable iMessage service”. 

In certain instances, iMessage stops working even when it is enabled. Disable this option and re-enable to remove this software glitch. Wait until the confirmation message pops up on the screen and tap on “OK”. 

Apple will then connect you to the server for the registration/sign-in process. Open iMessage to provide the Apple ID and password afterwards. Choose “Sign In”, close the app and open it to send the required messages. It will deliver that to the selected contact without causing further problems. But, if the error persists, update the iPhone software immediately. 

4. Check the Country Code

Are you sending any text to someone residing outside the country? Then, it is important to enter the right country code. An incorrect country code could lead to the “message blocking is active” error. 

Additionally, you need to check the text limit. iMessage has a text limit of 160-character; if that exceeds, this message appears. Try writing a precise text while using this messaging platform. 

Insufficient message balance can prevent you from sending the documents. Thus, consider checking the text balance in the first place. Turn on the “Data Roaming” option from the “Cellular” data option of “Settings”. 

Android users can find this option in the “Mobile“ Network” section of “Network & Internet”. Now, open the messaging app and continue texting without receiving any error message. 

Alternative Ways to Fix the Message Blocking is Active iPhone Error

Reset the network settings when the iPhone fails to deliver the message on time. Go to “Settings”, head towards the “General” section, and tap on “Reset”. Choose “Reset Network Settings” to delete the previous configuration. 

Reconnect the device to Wi-Fi check the number where you want to send the messages. Ensure to add a valid email address in the messaging app. Furthermore, you should remove the SIM card once and re-insert that into its slot. Restart the device, and it won’t further display the error message. Contact an expert if these solutions don’t work.