The iPhone 12 Pro keeps dropping calls after the recent iOS update. Roll back to the previous iOS version to fix this issue. If that doesn’t work, check the signal strength because a poor network connection could trigger this problem in the iPhone 12 Pro model. Restart the Apple device to improve the signal quality.

Moreover, this iPhone 12 Pro error could occur due to software glitches. Install the latest iOS for the device to resolve the call dropping issue. Did you remove the SIM card? Then, there is a high chance that you haven’t inserted it correctly. And, a damaged iPhone 12 Pro SIM can end the calls suddenly.

An incorrect call setting can also generate this problem. Verify and change the iPhone 12 Pro call configuration to eliminate the problem. Additionally, you can encounter this issue when there is a service outage. Access the telecommunicator’s website to know if the service is down.

What Causes the iPhone 12 Pro to Drop Calls?

There are a few reasons behind this call dropping issue in iPhone 12 Pro. Ensure there is enough charge on the iOS device. Otherwise, it will show a “Low battery” message and end the call before time. Moreover, an out-of-date iPhone carrier may cause this error.

Did you change the iPhone 12 Pro’s timezone? This is why you are experiencing a call dropping issue on the device. Besides, you should check whether too many apps are running in the background. It could cause problems when you are on the call. Thus, close these problematic apps to fix this complicated iPhone 12 Pro error.

Troubleshooting Tips for Dropped Calls iPhone 12 Pro

Resolving the call dropping isn’t that difficult. Moreover, the iPhone 12 Pro users can do that without any external help. In most cases, this error occurs when the caller ID is deactivated. Access the iPhone menu and double-tap on “Show My Caller ID”.

Check the caller ID details when the new window appears. Now, try to call anyone after enabling this feature. The iPhone 12 Pro calls won’t further drop. And, use the following solutions if the device ends the calls automatically:

Turn On and Off the Airplane Mode

Most calling issues can be solved by enabling and disabling Airplane Mode. Thus, try to use this feature to fix this unwanted iPhone 12 Pro issue. Turn on the device and double-tap on the “Settings” app when the home screen appears.

Navigate to “Airplane Mode” and move its toggle from left to right. After a few minutes, turn off this option and check if the call dropping issue is resolved. Additionally, you can also turn on and turn off the Airplane mode from the “Control Center”. Reboot iPhone 12 Pro after disabling this feature and enjoy uninterrupted calls.

Update the iPhone 12 Pro’s Software

A software update can fix the major calling problems in iPhone 12 Pro. Thus, try to install the latest iOS for the device to avoid further issues. Open Apple’s “Settings” app, scroll down to the page and select “General”. Additionally, you need to tap on “Software Update” on the next page.

Plugin the Phone 12 Pro to the charger and choose “Download and Install”. It may take 10-15 minutes to complete the software update. A progress bar will display when the iPhone installs the current iOS. Wait until the “Update is Complete” message pops up on the device screen.

Restart the iPhone 12 Pro and make a call. If it ends within a few minutes, the problem isn’t associated with the iPhone’s software. It could be either for an incompatible SIM or network settings. Or, it could be for setting an incorrect time date and time.

Check the SIM Card

Are there scratches on the iPhone 12 Pro’s screen? Then, there is a high possibility that it has stopped working. Replace the SIM card to fix the call dropping problem. However, you should remove and check the card before getting a new one.

Open the iPhone 12 Pro’s SIM card tray by slightly pressing it. Fail to open this tray? Use the SIM card pin to eject that. Take out the SIM gently and check if there is any sign of damage. Reinsert the SIM card in the tray if it has no wear and tear.

Turn on the iPhone by pressing the “Power” button. Open the call log and try to call someone from the list. The SIM card isn’t aligned correctly if you are still facing the issue. Take out the SIM card and place it properly to solve the problem.

Reset the Network Settings

An incorrect network mode can cause the call dropping issue in iPhone 12 Pro. Do you use a 4G SIM but set the network mode as “2G”.? It could restrict you from calling the other users. Thus, reset the network settings if you don’t know the correct network mode.

Open the “Settings” app and tap on “General”. Select “Reset” when the next window pops up on the iPhone 12 Pro screen. Here, you will get different iPhone settings to reset. Opt for “Reset Network Settings” and enter the passcode when prompted.

Moreover, you need to choose “Yes” when the confirmation message appears. The iPhone 12 Pro will remove the Wi-Fi and cellular network details. Restart the device when the device restores the previous network configuration. And, you can now call your friends and family without hassle.

Alternative Fixes for Dropped Calls iPhone 12 Pro Error

Always keep the iPhone 12 Pro’s date and time update, and it will help you avoid unwanted network issues on the device. Open the “Settings” window and tap on “General” afterwards. Head to iPhone 12 Pro’s “Date & Time” and enter the correct details.

Additionally, you can enable “Set Automatically” to update the Date & Time settings. Call anyone and check if the device is creating any issues. Open Settings, tap “About”, and update the iPhone 12 Pro’s “Carrier” if the call dropping issue persists.