A system update usually enhances your device’s performance in most cases. However, many people might start facing problems after updating their iPhones. And, the device not turning on seems to be a common issue among them.

Did you fail to start your iPhone 7 Plus after a system update? There are several possible explanations for this problem. And, you might have to try out different solutions in each case.

Here, we have some effective solutions you can try if the iPhone 7 Plus won’t turn on after update.

Why does iPhone 7 Plus Fail to Turn On after Update & How to Fix it?

If the problem starts after the system update, it might indicate a software issue. However, there are other possible causes too. So, you might also need to consider other possible causes of the problem.

Here are all the possible fixes you can try to get your iPhone 7 to turn on:

Force Restart the Device

Your iPhone should restart without any issues after completing a system update. However, it might fail to do that under various circumstances. If it is a temporary error, you can expect an effective solution by force restarting the phone. And, that has fixed the iPhone 7 Plus won’t turn on after update in many cases.

Press and hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously to force restart your iPhone 7 Plus. Then, release them once you see the Apple logo on the screen.

But, what if you do not see the logo within a few seconds? In that case, you must make sure that the device has enough power to start up.

Connect Your iPhone to the Charger

Are you unable to turn your iPhone on after the system update? Then, it might not have anything to do with the update, as mentioned earlier. It might not have enough power, and you can fix that by charging it. So, connect it to the charger and wait for a minute to check if your device starts up.

Does the ‘iPhone 7 Plus won’t turn on after update’ issue persist? Then, you might need to reset it to factory settings. But, you might want to check for other causes of the problem before that.

Consider Other Causes of the Startup Failure

Resetting the device can remove all the system data from your iPhone unless you have backed them up. You might usually prefer not to take this step right so.

Did you fail to resolve the problem with the previous methods? Then, consider the following causes of the problem and apply the appropriate solutions for them:

Faulty Battery

Smartphones might develop a faulty battery under various circumstances. And, that might explain why your iPhone 7 Plus won’t turn on after update. So, you must check whether there is an issue with the device’s battery.

You might need to approach a professional to get an effective solution if there is. The battery of the iPhone 7 Plus is not removable after all.

Faulty Charger or Charging Cable

Did you fail to turn your iPhone 7 Plus on after connecting it to the charger? Then, you must check for any issues with the charger or its cable. Replacing the charger or its cable might help you resolve the problem effectively.

Hardware Damage

Have you dropped the device while updating it? Then, that might have caused hardware damage to your iPhone. As a result, you are unable to turn it on after an update. This is yet another case where the issue has nothing to do with the new software. Also, you need to approach a reliable repair service to resolve this issue effectively.

Display Issues

Your iPhone 7 Plus won’t turn on after update if it has display issues. And, this is one of the common causes of this issue. Like the previously mentioned problems, you must approach a professional to fix this one. You should be able to start your device after you have got its display repaired.

Water Damage

You might have accidentally spilt water on your iPhone 7 Plus. In that case, you have found the cause of the problem you are facing. You can take various steps to deal with water damage on your phone all by yourself. But, you must also consider getting a professional repair service without causing too much delay.

Restore the Factory Settings on Your iPhone

Did all of the previously-mentioned methods fail to do the trick? Then, you must restore factory settings on your device. And, that should fix the ‘iPhone 7 Plus won’t turn on after update’ unless there is a hardware issue.

Proceed with the following steps to restore factory settings on your iPhone 7 Plus:

Connect Your Device to an iTunes Computer

You need to use iTunes to backup, and then restore your iPhone 7 Plus in this case. To do that, you need to install iTunes on a compatible computer. In case you are wondering, there is a Windows version of the app. Connect your iPhone 7 Plus to the computer after you have installed iTunes on the latter. You must use a USB cable for this task.

Backup Your iPhone

Select the File option for your connected iPhone on the iTunes app. Then, click on Backup Now in the Device tab after selecting Backup. Wait for the backup process to complete before you restore your iPhone.

Restore Your iPhone

Click on the Summary option for your iPhone, and then select the Restore Backup option. Then, select the backup file that you created. Wait for the process to complete, and then make sure you can turn on your iPhone.

Contact Apple Support

Does the ‘iPhone 7 Plus won’t start up after update’ issue persists after trying all the possible fixes? Then, you must reach out to the support team without further delay. Alternatively, you can also approach a reputable iPhone Repair service for an affordable solution.