Apple iPhone might seem to be beyond customisation. If you think that you would need a third-party application to add style and flair to your iPhone, then you are misguided. You can create your own iPhone app icons and personalise your iPhone app tray. How to change app icons on iPhone?

You can use Apple’s in-built Shortcuts application to customise your app icons. However, you can’t replace the original app icons after you create your own app icons on the iPhone. Those newly created shortcuts of the applications will reside separately on your iPhone.

The overall method regarding changing app icons on iPhones might be a little confusing. Therefore, you need a detailed explanation and guide for creating personalised app icons on iPhones.

Let’s check how you can experiment with app icons on iPhones.

How to Change App Icons on iPhone: Through Shortcuts

Shortcuts is the dedicated application that a user can use to make shortcuts or create something creative out of that. However, creating your own app icons through Shortcuts can have a few limitations.

First, the Shortcuts app will open, and then the app whose shortcut you have created will open. Additionally, you can’t get notification badges for custom app icons or applications.

That’s why it’s better to create your app icons for those applications that you seldom use. Otherwise, it will lead to a glitch if the Shortcuts app always opens first when you have to access a particular application immediately.

Another thing that you should look out for is iOS compatibility. The Shortcuts app was introduced to the iPhone a few years ago. If your iPhone has iOS 13 or higher iOS installed in it, then your iPhone will definitely have the Shortcuts app.

However, iOS 14 adds more flexibility and features to the Shortcut app. For now, you should have at least iOS 13 if you want to know how to change app icons on iPhones.

It’s better to save a dedicated image or icon for the outcome of the app icon. Browse for the best suitable app icon for your intended iPhone app.

Follow the steps below to create your own app icons on iPhones using the Shortcuts app:

Open Shortcuts

Locate Shortcuts on your iPhone. This is not an app that a regular iPhone user will use daily. Use Search or the Spotlight to look for the Shortcuts. Once it appears, tap on it to explore the application.

Tap the Add or + Button

After you open the Shortcuts app, you can notice a + sign. It helps you to add a new shortcut every time. Hit the + sign or Add button to redesign the app icon.

Go for Add Action

The Shortcuts app has countless possibilities if you know the right techniques. However, you have to hit the Add Action button if you can’t locate anything like Open App. Search for ‘Open app’ and tap on it. If the option already exists, then simply tap on it.

Specify the Application that you want to Open

Next, you can notice an option named Open App or Open Choose. You have to mention the application name after you tap the Open word. The application will provide you with a list of all available applications that you can customise. Pick the application whose app icon requires a revamp.

Tap Three Blue Dots

The next step regarding how to change app icons on iPhone is to tap the three dots. Look at the upper right corner of your iPhone’s screen; there should be a blue three-dotted sign. Tap it, and it will allow you to rename the application. Additional options are also available to make the app experience even more interesting.

Add the App to Home Screen

Next, press the option ‘Add to Home Screen’. It will create a replica of that app’s shortcut with the original app icon in its place. Meanwhile, an app preview will appear and be a default icon.

Select the App Icon

You must tap the icon under ‘Home Screen Name and Icon’. There will be different options available to customise the app icon. You can take a photo immediately, select a photo, or choose a file. You must have saved an image or app icon. Therefore, you can go for the ‘Choose Photo’ and select the right image.

Adjust the Image for Better Results

Since you have chosen a dedicated image, you can adjust it for proper visualisation. Place the highlighted area properly by moving it around your image and selecting the best portion. Next, opt for the Choose option from the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Press the Add Option

Once the custom icon has replaced the default app icon, you can view the intended image as the icon. After that, you must tap the Add option from the screen’s upper-right corner.


You can tap the Done button. Once you return to your iPhone’s Home Screen, you can view your brand-new customised icon for the pacific application. Remember that this doesn’t erase the existing app icon with its boring icon. Instead, it allows you to add a new shortcut to the application with a custom icon.

What should You do with the Traditional App Shortcut?

Hopefully, the guide helped you with how to change app icons on iPhones. On the other hand, the presence of double icons might be confusing. Hence, you can remove the bring app icon from your iPhone’s Home Screen. Simply hold the app icon with the traditional icon and select the ‘Delete Bookmark’ option.

This will erase the app icon with the non-interesting icon. Otherwise, you can long-press the original app icon to bring up the ‘Edit Home Screen’ option. Select the minus sign to remove that icon from the Home Screen. The original app resides in the App Library, always. In addition, you can access the custom application with the newly-created app icon.