Your iPhone offers you great performance in pretty much all aspects. And, Apple says they can improve it further with the help of Analytics. The Analytics on your iPhone contains information regarding various aspects of your device. You can choose to share or not to share it with Apple. So, you can disable your device from sharing the Analytics in case you were wondering.

Do you want to check your iPhone Analytics? Then, you can do so easily in a few simple steps. Proceed with the steps given below if you do not know where to find the Analytics. Also, read to know some other useful information related to your iPhone Analytics data.

Checking Your iPhone Analytics

Like most other system information, you can view the Analytics through the Settings section. So, open it and go to the Privacy section. You can find a wide range of useful data about your iPhone there. Also, you should find the Analytics & Improvement option in this section. Open the Analytics & Improvement to find the Analytics Data in the new window.

Click on Analytics Data to view the various pieces of information it contains regarding your iPhone. As mentioned earlier, you can choose to send this information to Apple. Moreover, you can also stop your iPhone from sharing this data as we shall see.

What Information does the iPhone Analytics Contain?

The iPhone Analytics records various crucial aspects of your iPhone. And, that is why many users might not want to share them. However, Apple assures you that they do not use the data from Analytics in a way that identifies you personally.

Here are some of the main types of information you would find in the Analytics:

Hardware Information

Your iPhone can record various types of data about its hardware performance. This information can be quite useful in various situations. You can view it anytime through the Analytics with the steps mentioned above.

Operating System Specifications

The iPhone Analytics also includes your operating system specifications. And, that includes device drivers, network security, memory management and more.

Are you unwilling to share these pieces of information? Then, you need to disable the ‘Share iPhone Analytics’ option.

Device and Application Usage

Not all users use their devices and applications the same way. And, the iPhone records its usage as a part of the Analytics. Apple can use this data in various ways if you share it.

Performance Statistics

The Analytics also contains various aspects of your iPhone’s performance. And, that includes the battery usage, strength of a WiFi signal at a particular location and more.

Location-Related Information

The iPhone can also record the location of your device once each day. It can also record some other information related to that. According to Apple, this is to provide iPhone users with quicker and more precise location services.

Is it Possible to Delete Your iPhone Analytics?

Many iPhone users might want to get rid of the data in the Analytics. If you want to do the same, you should know that it is impossible. Is the Analytics feature enabled on your iPhone right now? Then, it has probably recorded a wide range of data already. And, that includes the types of data mentioned earlier. You cannot delete them, but you can disable the sharing of Analytics. This will stop your iPhone from sharing any further data with Apple. You can then turn the sharing back on whenever you want to.

How to Disable Analytics Sharing on Your iPhone?

Open the Settings menu on your iPhone and go to the privacy section. You will find the Share iPhone Analysis under Analytics & Improvements given there. Then, toggle off the sharing if you find it enabled.

Have you paired an Apple Watch with your iPhone? Then, the Apple Watch will keep sharing Analytics after you take this stop on your iPhone. You must also toggle off the Share iPhone & Watch Analytics in such cases. And, that should stop both the paired devices from sending the Analytics to Apple.

How to Share Your iPhone Analytics and Device Usage Data With Apple?

Do you prefer sharing your Analytics and device usage data with the manufacturers? Then, you must make sure that it is enabled on your device. If it is, you need not take any more steps to share your data.

Your iPhone will share them with Apple automatically, after all. Otherwise, you must take the following steps to enable that, depending on your iOS version:

On iOS 10 and Later Systems

Go to the Privacy settings and open the Analytics section there. You can share the Analytics with app developers by turning on ‘Share With App Developers’. Enabling ‘Share iCloud Analytics’ will share your iCloud usage data with Apple.

Apart from that, you can also opt to share your iPhone and Apple Watch usage data. You must enable the ‘Share iPhone & Watch Analytics’ option if it is disabled.

On iOS 8 and 9 Systems

The iOS 8 and 9 systems do not have an Analytics section in the settings. But, that does not mean they do not record your usage data. Open your Privacy settings and click on Diagnostics & Usage. You can then opt for sharing the diagnostic reports and usage data automatically. Click on ‘Send Automatically if the ‘Don’t Send’ option is selected.

On iOS 5, 6, and 7 Systems

The usage data sharing procedure on iOS 5, 6, and 7 is the same as iOS 8 and 9. So, navigate to the Diagnostics & Usage section as mentioned earlier. Then, select the sharing options as per your preferences. In this case, you must select the ‘Send Automatically’ option.

Is it Safe to Share Your iPhone Analytics?

Understandably, iPhone users do not feel comfortable sharing their device data. After all, it might put their privacy at risk in many cases. But, your iPhone Analytics data does not seem to do that. And, it is not yet known to have breached an iPhone user’s privacy. So, you can still choose not to share it, as we have seen here.