Battery health is one of the major aspects of any device. With iPhone or iOS, you can keep track of your iPhone’s battery health. That’s too without any interference from a third-party application. Yes, you read it right.

You need not install any third-party software to watch your iPhone 5’s battery health. There are built-in methods regarding how to check battery health of iPhone 5S.

Let’s check out more information about battery health and how to check the battery health of iPhone 5S.

What’s Battery Health and How is that different from Battery Life?

Before you dive into how to check battery health of iPhone 5S, you should have a clear idea about it. You must know that the label ‘battery health’ is different from the so-called battery life. Battery life indicates how long your device’s battery can survive after being fully charged until its next charge cycle.

On the other hand, battery health means how much battery life it can provide compared to its brand new condition. No doubt, battery life diminishes over a certain period due to usual chemical reactions during charging and discharging. As a result, your iPhone 5’s battery eventually will lose its capacity to hold a charge for longer periods.

For instance, battery health is 100% on the purchase of a new iPhone. But, after a year, it can degrade to a certain amount, such as 91% or much lower than that depending on how you use or maintain your iPhone. Additionally, you have to plug in the charger more often once the battery health starts degrading.

You might have to replace your iPhone 5’s battery if your phone lasts only a couple of hours between two consecutive charges. However, it’s a bit difficult to change or replace your iPhone’s battery. As it is no longer available in the user-accessible format.

Well, there are advantages to the battery health feature of iPhones. You can control your iPhone usage and maintain your iPhone’s battery life.

Let’s have a look at how to check battery health of iPhone 5S.

3 Ways to Determine the Battery Health of your iPhone 5

The best thing about iOS battery health is that you need not waste your time and effort searching for a compatible application to check on your battery. You can simply move to Settings and get to know the battery health percentage.

Additionally, Apple has restricted such third-party applications on the App Store with iOS 10. Here are a few ways related to how to check battery life of iPhone 5S.

Hover over the Battery Settings

It’s the most instant and easiest way to inquire about your iPhone 5S’s battery health. You need to go to the battery settings under the device’s Settings.

Here’s what you need to learn if you want to know how to check battery health of iPhone 5S:

  • Explore your device’s Settings. It’s the gear-shaped icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Once you explore Settings, scroll down to locate the Battery option.
  • Tap the Battery option, and you will notice a label as Battery Health.

Tap on it, and it will show you the Maximum Capacity your iPhone’s battery is left with. If your iPhone’s battery maximum capacity is too low, your iPhone will ask you to replace the battery.

Keep in mind that the more battery capacity your iPhone has, the finer your battery is.

Make Use of the Console Application

The Console is one of the pre-installed applications on macOS. You can plug your iPhone 5S into your Mac device and launch the Console app on your macOS device. After that, you need to type in ‘batteryhealth’ on the search field.

This should return you a result regarding the battery health of the iPhone 5S. The method might not work if you plug in your iPhone 5S while locked. On the other hand, the latest iOS and macOS might no longer be compatible with this method.

However, the Console application usually provides detailed information about the iPhone’s battery health, battery level, and the power source in use. Additionally, it will let you know whether the iPhone 5S’s battery is in good condition or not. If it’s not, you might have to accept that and go for a battery replacement.

Contact Apple’s Online Support

Apart from the above two methods, there’s another method to confirm the battery health status of your iPhone 5S. It’s important to know how to check the battery health of iPhone 5S before you decide on battery replacement.

You can directly communicate with Apple’s online support. Otherwise, you can walk to a nearby Apple Store after making an appointment. The experts will help you with a real-time diagnosis of your iPhone 5S battery.

If your iPhone 5S’s battery is not up to the mark, experts might suggest replacing the old battery. After all, a battery that drains out so fast can’t be the driving force of the productive device you use.

What are the Symptoms of a Dying Battery?

How to check battery health of iPhone 5S? Besides this, you might be interested in knowing when it’s time to check the battery health. They’re the signs which might look like:

  • The battery drains within a few hours.
  • Changing cycles fail to recharge the iPhone to its fullest potential.
  • The battery or the phone gets hotter.

How to Improve Battery Health of iPhone 5S?

You already know how to check battery health of iPhone 5S. However, you have to maximise your iPhone’s battery’s potential. iPhone’s batteries might last up to 4 years, but you can make them last longer with tweaks.

Keep unused features off. Additionally, you should avoid maximising the iPhone’s charge cycles. Leaving your iPhone uncharged for a more extended period is a bad idea. Additionally, don’t leave your device in too hot or cold circumstances. Finally, you can toggle on the Optimised Battery Charging feature under Battery Health.