Bose is one of the most reputed manufacturers that bring high-end headphones and earphones to provide a high-end hearing experience. Headphones from Bose are built to perfection, and you can enjoy maximum comfort and noise cancellation along with exceptional features.

The duo of your iPhone and Bose headphones is the best for an expected, high-quality sound. How to connect Bose headphones to iPhones since there’s no dedicated headphone jack on iPhones? Well, Bluetooth connectivity is the answer to this query.

On the other hand, most headphones are Bluetooth-compatible nowadays. Therefore, connecting your Bose headphones to your iPhone via Bluetooth shouldn’t be a problem. 

Apart from original Bluetooth or traditional connectivity, there are many other ways to connect your Bose headphones to an iPhone. Let’s check all the possible ways to connect Bose headphones to an iPhone.

How to Connect Bose Headphones to iPhone

Bose offers mainly 2 ways to connect its headphones to iPhones or any other compatible device. The first one is to use the built-in Bluetooth to connect your iPhone to Bose headphones. 

Here’s how to connect Bose headphones to iPhones with Bluetooth and Bose Connect app:

  1. Pair Your iPhone with Bose Headsets via Bluetooth

For a straightforward connection to Bose headphones, you can use the iOS settings. Check the following guidelines to connect your iPhone to Bose headsets:

  • Navigate to your iPhone’s Home screen and tap on Settings.
  • After that, tap on Bluetooth and turn it on. Make sure that your iPhone can be discovered by other Bluetooth devices in the given range.
  • Move over to your Bose headphones and power them on. The power switch should go green from red.
  • Come back to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings and check if you can notice the Bose headset that you want to connect. Tap on the Bose headphone’s name to pair the headset with your iPhone.
  • You should see a Connected status if there’s a connection established between your iPhone and Bose headphones.
  1. Use Bose Connect App to Pair Your iPhone with Bose Headphones

How to connect Bose headphones to iPhones? It’s easy to connect Bose headphones to Android devices due to the presence of dedicated audio jacks. Unfortunately, you can’t use the provided headphone jack of the Bose headset as it’s incompatible with the iPhone’s lightning port. 

That’s why Bose recommends a specific application to make the connection easy between iPhone and any Bose headphones, except for the only Bluetooth connection. As an iPhone user, you must install the Bose Connect app and activate your iPhone’s Bluetooth for rapid connectivity.

The Bose Connect app keeps installing the required firmware update for a steady and undisturbed connection. Additionally, you can discover new features and support for fixing audio bugs in the dedicated app.

Here’s how to use the Bose Connect app to pair your iPhone with Bose headsets:

  • Go to the App Store and install the Bose Connect application.
  • Afterwards, turn on your Bose headphones.
  • Enable the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone and explore the Bose Connect application.
  • Next, the app will automatically detect whether there are any switched-on Bose headsets around. You will see an image of the Bose headset once it detects any.
  • In addition, a text stating ‘Drag to Connect’ will appear. Simply, swipe that to start the pairing between your iPhone and the Bose headphones.
  • The app will also offer a few tips if it faces any issues with the overall connection procedure. The status ‘Connecting’ will appear at the lower section of the screen if the app is successful in syncing with the iPhone.
  • Tap the ‘Ready to Play’ option once your headphones are connected to your iPhone.

Steps to Unpair Bose Headphones from an iPhone

Apart from how to connect Bose headphones to iPhones, you might be looking for the process to disconnect them from your iPhone. Well, you can just turn those headphones off when you don’t want to play music on them. However, the iPhone will easily connect to them once you turn them on again.

Here’s how you can disconnect Bose headphones from your iPhone until you connect it to the iOS device again:

  • If you have connected the headsets to the iPhone’s Bluetooth, only then go to Bluetooth under Settings. Tap the 🛈 icon next to the Bose headphones. Continue by tapping the ‘Forget This Device’ option.
  • Go to the Bose Connect app if you have configured the connection through this app. Tap on your Bose headphone image and opt for the Disconnect option. You can also turn off the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone.

What if the Bose Headphones can’t Connect to the iPhone?

So far, you have learned how to connect Bose headphones to iPhones. However, users have reported several issues while connecting an iPhone to Bose headphones. 

Whether it’s only through Bluetooth or the Bose Connect app, problems can arise from anywhere. Check out the following methods to troubleshoot if you can’t connect Bose headphones to an iPhone:

Provide Location Access to the Bose Connect App

The app, Bose Connect, might only work after you provide all the permissions it asked for. Since iPhone securities are strict, the Bose Connect app might not sync with the iPhone if you haven’t provided the Location access. Review your iPhone Settings and check whether you have allowed Location and other app permissions.

Turn on Bluetooth

Without turning on the Bluetooth feature on your iPhone, you won’t be able to connect the Bose headphones to your smartphone. Therefore, double-check if you have turned on Bluetooth.

Relaunch the Bose Connect App and Start the Procedure

If you can’t connect the Bose headsets to the iPhone using Bose Connect, then quit the app. Ensure that you close the app after quitting it. Double tap the Home button if your iPhone has one, and slide up the application’s window from the bottom centre of the screen.

Otherwise, you have to swipe in any direction of the screen to close the Bose Connect app in case your iPhone doesn’t have a Home button. Relaunch the app and see if you can reconnect the headsets to the iPhone.

Update iOS

The Bose Connect app is compatible with iOS 13 and later. So, you should keep your iPhone updated to its latest version. Or else the app might not work with the older iOS version.

Clear Cache

Offloading the Bose Connect app on your iPhone might eliminate the overloading cache. Open Settings and go to General. Next, tap on iPhone Storage, followed by Bose Connect. Opt for the Offload App button to clear the cache of that application.

Clear the Pairing List of the App

The Bose App lets you connect up to 8 individual devices with Bose wireless headphones. If the connectivity exceeds the permitted numbers, then you have to erase a few existing devices. Only after that can you pair an iPhone with the Bose headphones using the app.

Wrapping up…

Hopefully, the guide sounds useful regarding how to connect Bose headphones to iPhones. You can try the troubleshooting tips to avoid issues with Bluetooth connectivity and app glitches. Moreover, you can forget the device and reconnect the headphones to check if that works.