There are two main ways to connect your iPhone to an RCA projector: using a Lightning to HDMI adapter or a Bluetooth connection (if your projector supports it).

So, let’s dive in and get to the details:

2 Methods of Connecting iPhone to RCA Projector

Here are the different methods that can help you connect your iPhone to an RCA projector seamlessly:

Method 1: Using an Adapter

Follow these steps for a hassle-free connection establishment:

Get the Right Adapter

You’ll need a Lightning to HDMI adapter specifically designed for iPhones. These are readily available online or at electronics stores.

Connect the Adapter

You have to plug the HDMI end of the adapter into an HDMI port which would be on your RCA projector. Then, You have to plug the Lightning end of the adapter into your iPhone’s charging port.

Turn on the Projector and Select the HDMI Source

Locate the power button and input source selection buttons on your projector. Turn on the projector and use the input source buttons to navigate to the HDMI option.

Trust the Device (if Prompted)

Your iPhone might ask you to “Trust This Device” when you connect it to the adapter. Tap “Trust” to allow the projector to access your phone’s screen.

Start mirroring!

Once connected, you will find that the iPhone screen is being displayed on the projector. You can now play videos, and photos, or mirror your entire phone for presentations.

Method 2: Connecting via Bluetooth (if available)

Follow these steps if the Bluetooth feature is available:

Turn on Bluetooth on Both Devices

Locate the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and projector and activate them.

Pair the iPhone and Projector

On your iPhone, search for available Bluetooth devices. Select the name of your projector from the list. You might need to enter a PIN code displayed on the projector on your iPhone to complete the pairing.

Projector Settings

Consult your projector’s manual to see if it has a specific setting for using Bluetooth audio. You might need to select the Bluetooth option as the audio source.

Play Audio or Mirror Content (Limited Functionality)

While Bluetooth can project audio from your iPhone to the projector, it might not support full-screen mirroring. Check your projector’s manual for specific functionalities.

Troubleshooting RCA Projector Connection

Let’s resolve the common issues that you might face while connecting an RCA projector to an iPhone:

Problem 1: No Sound

  • Ensure the volume is turned up on both your iPhone and projector.
  • Double-check the Bluetooth audio setting on your projector (if using Bluetooth).
  • You need to ensure that the correct input source (HDMI or Bluetooth) is selected on the projector.

Problem 2: Remote Issues

  • You have to replace the batteries in the remote.
  • Try to point the remote directly at the infrared sensor of the projector.
  • Double-check if any obstructions are coming between the remote and the sensor.

Problem 3: Image Problems

  • You have to adjust the focus of the projector ring for a clear image.
  • You must ensure that the projector is positioned at an appropriate distance from the projection surface.
  • Refer to your projector’s manual for troubleshooting specific image issues like keystone correction (adjusting a tilted image).

Problem 4: Spots on Image

  • Clean the projector lens with a microfiber cloth.
  • If the spots persist, consult your projector’s manual for dust-cleaning procedures (avoid touching the lens itself).

Problem 5: Blurry Image

  • Adjust the projector’s focus ring.
  • Check the resolution settings on your iPhone and projector. Ensure they are compatible.

Problem 6: Irregular Image

  • The projector should be placed on a flat and stable surface.
  • Adjust the projector’s leveling feet for a straight image.

Problem 7: Small Image

  • Move the projector closer to the projection surface.
  • Use the projector’s zoom function (if available) to enlarge the image.

Problem 8: Dark Image

  • Increase the brightness setting on the projector.
  • Adjust the projector’s contrast setting for better clarity.

Other Tips for Using a RCA Projector with an iPhone

Here are a few other additional tips that you might want to consider while using the projector:

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connection

  • Turn Bluetooth off and on again on both devices to re-establish the connection.
  • Forget the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone and re-pair the devices.

Turning the Projector On and Off

  • before turning the projector off, you must always allow it to cool down.
  • Consult your projector’s manual for the recommended cool-down time.

Resetting Projector

  • Most projectors have a reset button that can resolve minor glitches. Refer to your manual for specific instructions.

Reducing Noise

  • You have to place the projector in a well-ventilated area and this would prevent overheating and fan noise.
  • Try to move the projector further away from the audience, so that it can minimize fan noise.


Connecting your iPhone to an RCA projector is a straightforward process. By following these steps and troubleshooting tips, you can enjoy projecting content from your iPhone onto a larger screen. However, always remember to consult your projector’s manual for specific functionalities and major troubleshooting details.