iPhone users, brace yourselves: there’s currently no built-in way to set Waze as your default navigation app. Apple restricts system-wide defaults for Maps, leaving Waze fans yearning for seamless navigation integration. 

But fear not, travelers! While achieving true “default” status remains elusive, clever workarounds can put Waze within easy reach.

Why No Default Waze?

Apple’s walled garden approach keeps tight control over core functionalities like navigation. This means no picking your preferred map app across the entire system. However, that doesn’t mean Waze accessibility is doomed. 

Let’s explore your options.

Alternative Paths to Waze Navigation

Here is a list of alternatives that you can try:

Siri and CarPlay

Though you can’t outright set Waze as default, Siri can still be your bridge. Simply say “Hey Siri, navigate to [destination]” and specify Waze when prompted. For CarPlay, long-press the microphone button and request directions through Waze.

Set Siri Shortcuts

Craft a personalized Siri Shortcut that triggers Waze navigation with a custom phrase like “Let’s Waze it!” This shortcut can appear on your Home screen or be activated by voice, offering a one-tap launchpad to your Waze adventures.

Embrace the Google App

The Google app on iOS holds a hidden gem: the ability to choose your default navigation app. Open the Google app, tap the three dots for “More,” then delve into Settings > General > Default Apps. Here, proudly select Waze as your navigation champion. This trick primarily affects app-based navigation requests within the Google ecosystem, but hey, every step towards Waze glory counts!

Important Notes:

  • Apple Maps Compatibility: Remember, while these workarounds grant convenient Waze access, some functionalities like Apple CarPlay’s turn-by-turn dashboard display remain reserved for Apple Maps.
  • Missing Device Issues: If your iPhone lacks CarPlay or Siri support, some workarounds might be unavailable. However, the Google app trick and Siri Shortcuts remain viable options on compatible devices.


While the quest for a true Waze default on iPhone might feel like navigating a one-way street, remember – ingenuity paves detours. By leveraging Siri, Shortcuts, and the Google app trick, you can elevate Waze to a prominent position in your navigation arsenal. So buckle up, adventurers, and chart your course with Waze, even if Apple’s map isn’t quite the default.