The iMessage application on your iPhone offers a bunch of games, and the “8 Ball Pool” is one of them. It is a popular game on the iMessage app. So, if you want to play the game, you must know how to play 8 Ball on iPhone.

But, before that, you have to install the “GamePigeon” app on your iPhone. It is an essential app for enabling iMessage games on iPhones. Moreover, this app will help you to play different iPhone games with your families, friends and close ones. 

Do you know about the “GamePigeon” app? It is a gaming extension essential for your iPhone. You can find the 8 Ball Pool game from the gaming extension. But, before playing the 8 Ball on the iPhone, you have to understand the game. 

8 Ball Pool

A fusion of perfection and a few tactics are essential in this game, and in return, a lot of fun is guaranteed. So, if you are a beginner to this game, you need to know that 8 Ball Pool is segmented into two segments. 

Solids and Stripes are the segments of this game with a clue of fifteen object balls. Moreover, 8 Ball Pool is played between two players. Thus, you can play it with one of your friends or family. 

Also, you have to pocket the balls of the group numbered between 1 & 7. In addition, your opponent has to pocket the balls of the other group numbered between 9 & 15. 

You have to pocket all the balls in a group first, and then you can pocket the 8th Ball legally to win. 

Before you start, let’s understand the ways you can install the Gamepigeon app on your iPhone. This will help you understand how to play 8 Ball on iPhone.

Installing the Gamepigeon app

The Gamepigeon app has various iMessage games for your iPhone. Downloading this app enables you to play 8 Ball Pool.

You need to follow these steps to install “Game Pigeon” on your iPhone:

  1. First, go to the “Messages” app on the home screen. Then, open the app on your iPhone.
  2. Select any chat head on the Messages app. Next, you will see different icons appear with icons at your keyboard’s top.
  3. Identify the “App Store” icon from those options, and then tap on that icon.
  4. You will see a specific version of the “App Store” opened where you can identify the gaming extensions. 
  5. Thus, you can play those games by adding extensions to your iPhone’s iMessage app.
  6. Find out the “GamePigeon” by entering it in the search bar. Next, select the Get button on your iPhone to start the download.

If this installation method does not work appropriately on your iPhone. You can try the alternative method for installing the “GamePigeon” extension for playing 8 Ball on iPhone.

Alternative method for installing “GamePigeon”

You can also install the “GamePigeon” extension in the iMessage app by following these steps:

  1. Go to the “iMessage” app and open any message thread
  2. Identify the small “>” icon and tap on it
  3. Select the “A” icon on the next screen. It will open various options on your iPhone
  4. Find out the “Store” option and open it
  5. Search for the “Game Pigeon” app in the store and tap on the “Get” button to download

Once the extension is downloaded, it will show as a gaming controller icon. 

Now, you have to understand the steps for opening the 8 Ball pool game on your iPhone. It will help you know how to play 8 Ball on iPhone. 

Steps to open 8 Ball on iPhone

You can find the 8 Ball Pool game under the GamePigeon extension on your iPhone. Moreover, you need to follow some steps to open the 8 Ball game. 

Check out the steps for opening it:

  1. You will see a Cross (X) button on the App Store screen of your iPhone. Tap on the cross button to exit the App Store. If the app closes entirely, you have to re-open the “iMessage” app. 
  2. Find the “New Message” icon at the upper right side of the iMessage app on your iPhone. Select the icon.
  3. You must identify the contact or player you want to play 8 Ball Pool with. Then, open the conversation with that contact.
  4. You will find the 8 Ball pool game at the upper part of your keyboard. If it is not shown, you may have to scroll through the gaming icons to position the 8 Ball icon.
  5. You must select the “GamePigeon” icon and tap on the “2 Ball pool” game for iMessage.
  6. Wait while the 8 Ball Pool is loading. Once the game is loaded, select the “Send” button. Tap on the 8 Ball game in the conversation to start it with your chosen contact.

After entering the 8 Ball game, you will see a pool board on your iPhone screen. You have to play the game on this pool board. 

Before starting the game, let’s check out how to play 8 balls on an iPhone.

How to play 8 Ball on iPhone: Facts and Strategy

You will see a triangular “Play” icon on the starting screen of the 8 Ball Pool on your iPhone. Tapping the icon will start the game.

After starting the game, you have to put your cue stick in the appropriate place. Then, you need to identify a ball you can pocket through your cue stick. Moreover, you have to use your finger to move the cue stick.

After getting your preferred position to place your cue stick, you need to pull it back. It will help you to take your shot on the pool board when you release it. 

Moreover, a power meter will help you adjust the shot strength of your cue stick. All you need to do is drag your finger to adjust the strength of the shot. 

Once you place everything correctly, you can release your cue stick. In addition, follow the below steps to know how to play 8 ball on iPhone.

Step 1: Shooting the balls

You have to keep shooting the balls until you fail to pocket one of them. After a successful shoot into your targeted pocket, you can take the next turn. But, if your shot fails, your opponent will get the next turn.

Step 2: Pocketing the balls group-wise

If you shoot the Stripes group, you need to pocket the balls numbered between 1 & 7. However, in the case of the Solide group, you have to pocket the balls numbered between 9 & 15. 

After pocketing all balls in a particular group, you must pocket the 8th ball to win. 


Hopefully, you have understood how to play 8 ball on iPhone. Also, the rules of playing this game are quite easy. You have to avoid pocketing the white ball and the 8th ball before the other balls in your selected group. 

Furthermore, you can also adjust the difficulty level of the 8 Ball game in two choices, Hard and Normal. This game also permits you to customise your cue stick by tapping on the “Customize” button. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join the game and start playing.