To Turn off all vibrations: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch, then turn off Vibration.

Apple introduced custom vibration options for iPhones long ago. You can make your iPhone vibrate either on silent or on ring mode or both. Vibrations will let you feel that your iPhone has received a notification, call, text, email, or more. In other words, the vibration feature is quite useful when you want to keep the notifications minimal.

However, a few users might not like when their iPhones vibrate while it’s in ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. 

How to turn off vibration on iPhones when users don’t utilise it any longer? This guide will show you how you can turn off and customise your iPhone vibration features. Let’s start with simple steps.

How to Turn off Vibration on iPhones?

Haptics plays an important role in the iPhone mechanism. Luckily, you can customise haptics or vibrations if you don’t like them. Apart from calls, texts, emails, and other notifications, iPhones have started vibrating while typing since the iOS 16 update hit. 

Let’s check out how to turn off vibration on iPhones if you use iOS 16:

  • Navigate to Settings from your iPhone’s Home screen. If it’s not available there, then you can open it from the App Library.
  • Scroll down until you find Sounds & Haptics. Tap on it.
  • Tap on the section that says, ‘RING/ SILENT MODE’.
  • You can notice the following 2 options, such as:
    • Play Haptics in Ring Mode
    • Play Haptics in Silent Mode
  • Toggle on or off them as per your preference.

For example, if you want your iPhone not to vibrate in Ring Mode, then turn that particular option off. Similarly, turn off the ‘Play Haptics in Silent Mode’ option if you want your iPhone not to vibrate in Silent mode. Otherwise, you can keep both of them disabled at the same time.

For iOS 15.7 or Earlier Versions

You can easily turn off vibrating sensations on your iPhone if it has iOS 15.7 or earlier installed. The options are a bit different, but the overall process is almost the same. 

Here’s what you need to go through to learn how to turn off vibration on iPhones with iOS 15.7 or older:

  • Access Settings and navigate to the Sounds & Haptics section.
  • Next, tap the Vibrate section.
  • Turn off the ‘Vibrate on Ring’ option if required.
  • Or, you can disable the ‘Vibrate on Silent’ option in case you want that.

Is it Possible to Turn off Keyboard Vibration on an iPhone with the iOS 16 Update?

Apple kept keyboard vibrations out of the scenario before releasing the iOS 16 update. If you own an iPhone that runs on iOS 16, then you might want to get rid of that all-time vibrating keyboard. After all, not everybody likes a haptic keyboard. 

Go through the following steps to deactivate keyboard vibration on your iPhone:

  • Tap on Settings from your iPhone Home screen.
  • Locate Sounds & Haptics and tap on it.
  • Select Keyboard Feedback from the next screen.
  • Turn off the Haptic option if it was enabled before.

In addition, you can also control the sound feature of the Keyboard from there. Simply toggle on or off the Sound option right above the Haptic one. Test whether you can feel vibrations any longer while typing on your iPhone.

Method to Customise Vibration Patterns on iPhones

You have already learned how to turn off vibration on iPhones. In addition, iPhones let you customise the vibration pattern for specific functions, such as Ringtone, Text Tone, Voicemail, Mail, Calendar Alerts, and more. 

You can even turn off a few of them and customise them at your convenience. Here’s how you can customise vibration for individual alerts:

  • Go to Sounds & Haptics under Settings.
  • Scroll down the Sounds & Haptics page until you can locate the section named ‘SOUNDS AND VIBRATION PATTERNS’.
  • The following options are available for customisation sound and vibration patterns:
    • Ringtone
    • Text Tone
    • New Voicemail
    • New Mail
    • Sent Mail
    • Calendar Alerts
    • Reminder Alerts
    • AirDrop
  • You can select the option that you want to customise. Next, tap the Vibration from the top of the display.
  • Select None if you want to turn off vibration on iPhones for that specific notification.

Otherwise, you can set dedicated vibration patterns for specific alerts, such as incoming calls, texts, emails, and more.

How to Turn off Vibrations on iPhone for System Controls?

You might have noticed that your iOS 16 device might be vibrating while performing system functions. For instance, it can be unlocking your device or long-pressing app icons when you feel your iPhone vibrating. 

You might not be comfortable with the haptics, and there’s a way to disable it. Check out the following steps to get rid of system haptics:

  • Explore Settings and head towards Sounds & Haptics.
  • Tap on the option and scroll down till you can locate the System Haptics toggle.
  • Turn it off if it’s on, and you’re done.

Check if it’s working by swiping the screen of Recent Apps or unlocking the iPhone.

Is your iPhone still Vibrating? Here’s How to Deal with it

You might still feel your iPhone vibrating every now and then, even though you have done everything stated in this guide. It’s common for an iPhone to send emergency alerts in disguise of vibration in case it has weather forecasts or other notifications enabled. 

Thus, it’s better not to turn off such emergency alerts as they help you to stay informed and safe.

However, you can turn them off if you don’t like emergency alerts. The following steps will turn off all vibration alerts, and you need not individually control them. 

Go through the following guidelines to learn how to turn off vibration on iPhones:

  • Open Settings and navigate to the Accessibility section.
  • Tap on Accessibility and head over to the PHYSICAL AND MOTOR section.
  • Next, tap the Touch option from there.
  • Scroll down and disable the Vibration toggle.

This should turn off all the alerts on your iPhone. Test whether your iPhone vibrates anymore, and you are good to go.

Additional: How to Activate Mute or Silent Mode on iPhone?

If you are a new iPhone user, then the Silent switch might be thrilling for you. Every iPhone comes up with a Ring/Silent switch or slider that lets you make your device silent or ringing with a single slide. The Ring/Silent switch is situated at the left side of the display, just above the volume buttons.

When you have your iPhone with its screen facing you, simply slide the Ring/Silent switch downward. Your iPhone won’t ring or give out alerts in silent mode, but you can still play videos and music.

To put your iPhone in ring mode, slide the switch upward, and your iPhone will start notifying you about calls, texts, and other alerts. Additionally, you can make an incoming call silent immediately by pressing one of the volume keys on your iPhone. 


Hopefully, you have all the information regarding how to turn off vibration on iPhones. If your iPhone still vibrates even after applying all the methods, then you must book a repair service. Only an iPhone repair professional can suggest what should be the best for your device.