Don’t use any third-party VPN application on iOS devices; otherwise, you might end up losing sensitive iPhone data. Turn off VPN to secure the iPhone from data security threats. Most iPhone users keep the VPN connection On all the time.

Sometimes it might reduce the internet speed or risk during an online transaction.

Did you connect the iPhone to public Wi-Fi? Disable VPN to prevent unauthorised users from accessing the device’s data. Moreover, keeping the VPN on constantly could lead to battery drainage issues.

Overheating is one of the reasons why you should turn off the VPN on the latest iPhones. Never use two VPN applications on the Apple product; switch off one while using the other.

And, there are several ways to do that. If you don’t know how to turn off VPN on iPhone, follow this guide:

How to Turn Off VPN on iPhone from Settings?

Use iPhone’s Settings app to deactivate the VPN connection. First, tap on “Settings”, go to the “Personal Hotspot” section, and locate the VPN option. Toggle off this option to turn off VPN on an iPhone. Then, the iPhone will disable this option instantly. However, it sometimes takes time to connect to a new VPN connection.

Ensure the Wi-Fi is on and remove the antivirus applications to speed up the process. Moreover, there is another way to turn off a VPN from an iPhone. Once you get into the Settings app, head towards the General tab and find “VPN”. Go to the “Status” section and move the slider from left to right. Wait until it shows “Disconnected” and closes the Settings app.

Did you install more than one VPN application on the iPhone? Set any of those apps as “default” and toggle on the “Status” option to reactivate it. And, open the VPN app or change its settings to activate a non-default VPN. Reset the iPhone’s network settings if you can’t disable the VPN in this way.

How to Turn Off VPN on iPhone from an App?

Sometimes, you might face issues disabling the VPN from the Settings app. Turn off this option from the VPN app in these circumstances. However, each VPN app has different interfaces. Thus, the instructions to turn off VPN might vary depending on the app you use.

VPN services don’t include a “Connect” or “Disconnect” feature. But, you can still remove that from the iOS devices. First, go to Settings, tap on “General”, and move towards “Profile”. Choose the VPN app, select “Remove Profile”, and enter the passcode. A new window will pop up with a confirmation message, choose “Yes” to turn off VPN.

Do you use an older iPhone model? Then, open the VPN app, head to the homepage and tap on “Disconnect”. Wait for a few minutes until the next window opens and select “Yes” to confirm the action. Open the application tap on “Connect” while using any app not available in your region. Otherwise, you might not be able to access the required app on the iPhone.

Can’t Disable the VPN Connection on an iPhone? Here’s How to Fix It

Having a VPN on the iPhone can sometimes cause a privacy concern. Some iPhone users reported that these apps were tracking their online activities. Besides, sometimes the Wi-Fi turns off when the VPN is on.

Disabling the VPN from an iPhone will resolve these problems. But, many faced issues while removing the VPN apps from the device. As it turns out, most of them don’t know how to turn off VPN on their iPhones. Follow these steps to do that without a hassle:

First, Disable the Connect on Demand!

Did you enable the “Connect on Demand” option from the VPN settings? It could prevent you from disabling the VPN from an iPhone. Turn this option off to overcome this unwanted iPhone error immediately.

First, unlock the device, access the Settings app and go to the General Settings section. Navigate to VPN, choose it and identify the active VPN connection.

Don’t know which VPN app is activated? Well, it will have a blue checkmark. Find that and then tap on the “i” button and opt for the “Connect On Demand” option. Move the slider from left to right to turn off this option, and then head to the VPN menu. Change the “Status” option from “Connect” to “Disconnect”. But, if that doesn’t work, take an expert’s help immediately.

Remove the VPN App

Uninstall the VPN app if you can turn it off. Go to Settings, move to the App section and locate the VPN service. Tap on the app and wait until it jiggles and choose “Remove App”. Select “Delete App” when the next window appears.

Now, choose “Delete” when the confirmation message pops up. Write the iPhone’s passcode when prompted and restart the iPhone. And, after this, the iPhone won’t show a VPN connection.

When is it Safe to Disable a VPN Connection?

There are times when you need to turn off the VPN temporarily. Some companies prohibit VPN usage, as they can bypass website restrictions. Thus, don’t use VPN while working online on office devices. Disable the VPN connection when troubleshooting the connectivity issues. If you use a VPN while playing games, it could cause lagging issues.

Moreover, there are streaming apps that block VPN access. Disable it beforehand to avoid getting further issues. Don’t use VPN when the iPhone is connected over a local area network. Turn off the VPN connection when downloading large files on iOS devices. And, you don’t need a VPN when the websites or content is available in your location.

Besides, the network congestion might increase while using the VPN. Disable it for a hassle-free browsing experience. Is the mail that you are sharing has important details? Turn off the VPN to save the data from cybercriminals. It would be better not to use payment applications when the VPN is on.