A lot of iPhone users suffer from malware in system apps that can create problems in the device. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to worry about anything. iPhone Repair the Gardens is here to support you in fixing malware issues.

We are experts in fixing all types of iPhone glitches. All you need to do is call us to book an appointment and get your iPhone fixed by top-ranked technicians in the Gardens. 

Whenever you have any issues with your iPhone, connect with us. From the control buttons to the CPU and Battery, we troubleshoot all vital parts of an iPhone. More than 1000+ customers trust our experts to fix their defective iOS devices.

Moreover, we offer the utmost priority to your iPhone repair needs. 

Some iPhone Models, We Fix 

Whenever you have any issues with your iPhone, book an appointment with us. Our associates will connect you with an expert who can resolve the technical issue. Our iPhone Repair the Gardens technicians deal with the below iPhone models:

  • Apple iPhone XS and XR
  • iPhone 11 and 11 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Mini
  • iPhone SE all generations

Besides, our experts also fix iPhone 13, 14 and all variants within a given time. 

Major iPhone Problems, We Fix

Is your iPhone displaying a black screen with vibration? Don’t worry! You need to connect with our iPhone Repair experts for an immediate solution. And then our technicians will investigate the root cause of the technical glitch and resolve it within no time. 

Furthermore, our iPhone Repair the Gardens technicians work with years of experience in this field. Be it a hardware or software issue, our experts have solutions for all. All you need to do is book our emergency services for resolving the following iPhone problems: 

Black Spots on Screen

At iPhone Repair, our technicians can eliminate the black spots appearing on your iPhone’s screen easily. In addition, they are aware of the possible reasons for this problem. Typically, backlight leaks and dead pixels on the screen make this issue. Our iPhone repairs the Gardens technicians can fix the backlight and remove dead pixels within the promised time. 

Vertical Lines on Screen

Are you finding vertical lines on your iPhone? Unfortunately, vertical lines on the iPhone display indicate physical defects to the device’s hardware. Did you observe those lines after an accidental drop? There is a possibility that the CPU or display of the device might be defective. 

In this situation, don’t try to resolve these parts without our expert’s assistance. Schedule an appointment with us and fix the deficit of iPhone components from our skilled technicians. 

Update issue on Firmware

Are you failing to update your iPhone? Surprisingly, iPhone won’t update the system apps if there isn’t sufficient storage space available on the device. Hence, you need to ensure first there is enough space in your iPhone for installing the latest version of iOS.

However, if the storage space is not the problem, an unsteady Wi-Fi network can cause this issue. In this case, you have to disconnect your iPhone first. And then again reconnect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi and ensure it resolves the issue.

If the issue continues, you need to call our iPhone repair the Gardens technicians for a trouble-free software update.

Charging Issue

Is your iOS device not charging even when you plug it into the power socket? Well, there could be various causes behind it like an occurrence. A swollen battery or damaged charging cable can prevent you from charging your iPhone. 

Besides, you experience this problem with defective or dirty charging ports as well. If you cannot get the cause for the charging issue, call our experts for an instant solution.

Stuck during the device startup

An inadequate charge can cause this technical issue in your iPhone. In addition, you can find only the Apple logo on the display due to damaged hardware. Software problems can trigger this issue in the iOS device.

Whatever the cause is, our iPhone Repair The Gardens experts can troubleshoot it in a moment. They will diagnose your iPhone first and then repair or replace the damaged parts as per need. 

Why You Need iPhone Repair The Gardens Technicians?

Being an ultimate destination for fixing damaged iPhone components, we offer these benefits:

  • Doorstep iPhone repair facilities for our customers
  • Requisite instruments for replacing and repairing the unresponsive iOS devices
  • Assured and reliable services to our valuable customers
  • 100% authentic spares of newer to older models of iPhones

Best iPhone Repair The Gardens Solution is a call away!

Connect with our customer service associate for an instant iPhone repair service. There is no need to wait in long quests for resolving the issues on your iPhone. Hence, request an estimation or schedule our exclusive iPhone repair services for immediate support.