Seeing your iPhone display the red recovery mode screen can be alarming. It implies your device is in a critical state and unable to boot normally. 

This article delves into the reasons behind an iPhone being stuck in recovery mode and guides you through effective solutions to get your device back on track.

Reasons for iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

Several factors can contribute to an iPhone getting stuck in recovery mode, most commonly:

  • Failed software update: An interrupted or buggy software update can leave your iPhone in limbo, triggering recovery mode.
  • Hardware malfunction: Internal hardware issues like faulty storage or logic board problems can also force the device into recovery mode.
  • Water damage: Exposure to liquids can damage internal components, leading to malfunction and recovery mode activation.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode?

There are several ways to tackle an iPhone stuck in recovery mode, depending on the severity of the situation:

1. Force Restart

This simple step can sometimes resolve software glitches causing the recovery mode prompt. The specific method varies depending on your iPhone model. Generally, it involves holding down specific button combinations for a few seconds.

2. Update or Restore via iTunes

Connecting your iPhone to a computer with iTunes and attempting an update can reinstall the operating system and potentially fix the issue. If updating doesn’t work, restoring erases all data and installs a fresh copy of the OS, acting as a last resort.

3. Use Third-Party Software

Specialized data recovery software like Dr.Fone or iMyFone Umate Pro can attempt to diagnose and fix iOS issues without data loss. However, their efficacy and safety can vary, so proceed with caution.

4. Contact Apple Support

If none of the above methods work, contacting Apple Support is the recommended course of action. They can diagnose the problem further and provide assistance specific to your situation.

Remember: Before attempting any recovery procedures, backup your iPhone data if possible. This ensures you don’t lose valuable information during the process.

Preventing iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

Proactive measures can significantly reduce the chances of your iPhone getting stuck in recovery mode:

1. Update Software Regularly

Installing the latest iOS updates promptly resolves known bugs and vulnerabilities that can lead to recovery mode issues.

2. Backup Data Frequently

Backing up your data via iCloud or iTunes ensures you have a safety net in case any recovery procedures involve data loss.

3. Be Cautious When Handling the Device

Avoiding physical damage by using a sturdy case and protecting your iPhone from water exposure can prevent hardware malfunctions that trigger recovery mode.

4. Install Trusted Apps

Downloading apps only from the official App Store minimizes the risk of installing malware or corrupted software that can cause software instability and recovery mode activation.


By understanding the reasons and solutions for an iPhone stuck in recovery mode, you can effectively overcome this obstacle and keep your device functioning smoothly. Remember, being proactive with software updates, data backups, and cautious device handling goes a long way in preventing future recovery mode encounters.