Apple unveils the iPhone’s new CarPlay app during the WWDC event in 2022. Developers announced the “fueling and driving tasks apps” feature in this app. iPhone owners would be able to use this app by installing the iOS 16 update. 

According to “The Verge”, this app will allow users to find gas stations near their locations. Besides, you can also pay at the pump using your car’s infotainment screen. However, this feature is only available in the latest iPhones. If you use iPhone 5 or 6s, CarPlay can’t be used. 

But, how does the CarPlay app work? Developers at the gas companies have to enable the iPhone’s CarPlay feature. The customers also need to make an account for the gas chain. Add a payment method in this app and pay the petrol bill from the driver’s seat.

This is not the first time an iPhone user can activate the pump from their seat. Exxon teamed up with Ford to design the Speedpass+ app to pay for gas. GM and Shell also developed an app to make gas payments easier. However, this is not currently available for iOS users. Thus, Apple has integrated CarPlay into iPhones to help the users to pay for their fuel easily.

Why did Apple add CarPlay to the latest iPhones?

Modern gas stations have added features to their pumps that support iPhone apps. However, fuel companies like Exxon and BP didn’t agree with this plan. Instead, Exxon linked Apple Pay in its Speedpass+ app for iPhone users. But, you can’t pay the fuel price using Apple Pay at the pump. Thus, Apple included a separate app to pay the petrol bill. 

Moreover, electric vehicle charging apps like ChargePoint already work with Apple CarPlay. This will help the users to check the charging price from the car’s infotainment screen. Additionally, you can also get road directions from the vehicle’s dashboard. So, you can now drive safely using the Apple CarPlay app.

What is Apple CarPlay?

CarPlay is a smarter and safer way to use an iPhone in the car. It helps the users to check the important notifications without unlocking the phone. Moreover, you can make or receive calls or change the music by connecting the iPhone to CarPlay. This app is available in the iOS 13 and later versions. So, update the iPhone software to use CarPlay in your car.

The CarPlay Dashboard provides a simpler view of the road ahead. Besides it helps you to keep track of Maps, audio controls and Siri suggestions from one place. Car owners can also check the Calendar events by using CarPlay on their iPhones. You can even use the dashboard to access the iPhone’s HomeKit accessories like lights or cameras.

Countries where CarPlay is Available:

Apple CarPlay is limited to some countries and regions. Thus, if you can’t find CarPlay even after installing iOS 16, check whether it is available at your location. Here is the list of the countries where Apple Carplay is available:

  • Denmark
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Chile
  • Austria
  • New Zealand
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
  • Malaysia
  • Korea
  • Israel
  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • Hong Kong
  • United States
  • Taiwan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Russia
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Finland
  • Singapore
  • Japan

How to Set Up Apple CarPlay in the iPhone?

Start your car and check whether Siri is activated. If not, turn on the voice assistant feature and power on the iPhone. Does the car support CarPlay with a USB cable? Then, connect the cable’s one end to the iPhone’s USB port and the other end to the car’s port. The USB port’s light will blink if the iPhone connects to the car successfully. 

Does the car you use support wireless CarPlay? Then, press and hold the voice command button on the steering wheel for a minute. Ensure the stereo is in wireless or Bluetooth mode. Now, access the iPhone’s settings and double-tap on “General”. Toggle on “CarPlay” when the new window opens and select the car model. Go through the on-screen instructions to complete the CarPlay setup.

How to Use Siri to Control the Vehicle’s CarPlay?

There are two ways to use Siri to control Siri when driving the car. You can press and hold the steering wheel’s voice command button and ask Siri a question. Additionally, car owners can open the CarPlay Dashboard to request Siri to do something.

Siri will also make suggestions in Apple CarPlay about what you want to do next. Moreover, you can open the necessary iPhone apps using voice commands. Do you use HomeKit-enabled accessories like garage door openers? Then, you use it to make the Siri suggestions apparel on the CarPlay dashboard. Or, you can ask Siri to open the garage door when you’re close to the house.

Can You Check iPhone Messages in the CarPlay Dashboard?

Car owners can check their iPhone messages by using Siri. However, this feature works only on the iPhones with iOS 15 or later versions. Users need to turn on “Announce Notifications” from their iPhones to read the messages. Siri will also announce the sender’s name when this feature is on. You can also ask Siri to read the full message when you’re driving.

Here’s how you can enable “Announce Messages” from the iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app and select “Notifications”.
  • Locate “Announce Notifications” and move its slider from left to right.
  • Open the Apple CarPlay app and enable “Announce Messages”. 
  • Set a time when you want Siri to announce the message.
  • Close the Settings window and open “Messages”.
  • Choose either “Time Sensitive”, “Direct Messages”, or “All Notifications”.

Additionally, you need to turn “Announce Messages” from the car’s display. Open the Settings app in CarPlay, and opt for “Announce Messages”. Toggle on “Announce Messages” when the confirmation message appears. Choose an announcement option before you start driving.

How to Arrange the CarPlay apps from the Car’s Infotainment Screen?

The car’s display will show you different apps while using CarPlay. Remove the unwanted apps and add only those which you want in the dashboard. Open the iPhone’s settings, double-tap on “General”, and select “CarPlay”. 

Choose the car model and navigate to “Customise. Tap the “Add” option to include more apps on the CarPlay dashboard. Don’t want the camera or Apple Pay app on display? Then, open the app, and click “Delete” to remove them. These apps won’t appear on the dashboard when you connect your iPhone to CarPlay next time. 

How to Find an EV Charging Station from CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay can inform you when the electric vehicle needs to be charged. Besides, you can check the nearby EV charging stations from this app. Open the CarPlay dashboard and go to the search bar. Write “Apple Maps” and tap the search icon to write “EV Chargers. Choose “EV Chargers” to find the charging stations near your location. 

Focus on Driving with Apple CarPlay!

Apple revamped the iPhone’s “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS 16. Developers added a new mode called “Focus” to help control notifications. Additionally, it will help car owners to focus on driving. Once you connect the iPhone to CarPlay, open its settings. Head towards “Focus” and enable “Driving”. However, if you can’t find this feature on the iPhone, we would suggest you update the software.