Setting up an alarm on an iPhone seems to be an easy task. Users need to open the Clock app to add an alarm to their iOS devices. Many use voice assistants, like Siri, to change the alarm configuration, and iPhone owners can adjust an alarm volume from high to low.

But, sometimes, the alarm volume becomes loud even after changing the sound settings. This could occur when the “Do not Disturb” mode is activated. Disable this feature to resolve this iPhone error immediately.

Ensure the “Ring/Silent” option is on after scheduling the alarm’s time. Avoid setting loud alarm tones in the iPhones. Additionally, users need to check whether the “Sleep Mode” is enabled. At times, the “Attention Aware” feature can make the iPhone alarm too loud.

Never use any third-party alarm apps on iOS devices. Besides, a virus-infected file could trigger this alarm sound problem in the iPhones. Remove the problematic system files from the device to fix this issue.

Solutions to Fix the iPhone Alarm Too Loud Issue

A technical glitch can often lead to this iPhone’s alarm sound error. Turn off the device and turn it on after 2-3 minutes. Set the alarm and wait until it rings. Is the iPhone alarm still loud? Then, you might have connected a headset to the iPhone. Remove that or change it to troubleshoot this alarm volume problem. The headset volume increases the alarm sound when using the iPhone keyboard.

Did you set a lock sound on the iPhone? It could also make the iPhone alarm too loud. Follow these troubleshooting methods to prevent this alarm volume issue:

Change the Alarm Volume

The iPhone’s alarm sound can not be changed with the volume buttons. Move to “Sound Settings” to enable “Change with Buttons” to resolve this alarm volume issue. Additionally, you can use the volume slider to configure the alarm sound.

Don’t know how to adjust the iPhone alarm volume? Tap on “Settings” and move to the “Sound & Haptics” section.

Navigate to “Ringer and Alerts”, and then go for “Change with Buttons”. Keep the sound slider in the middle of the box and close the Settings app. Open the Clock app tap on the “+” icon to set a time for the alarm.

Select “Save”, and the iPhone alarm won’t cause any further hindrances after this. But, if the error persists, change the headphone audio settings immediately. Disable the “Vibrate on Ring” and “Vibrate on Silent” to eliminate this iPhone glitch.

Change the Alarm Tone

It could be the alarm tone that you set is extremely loud. Thus, consider changing it to fix this critical volume issue. There are certain Apple alarm tones the users should avoid adding. And, these include the Sonic Alert sbb500ss, car horn, presto, and old phone.

Change these tones to lower the iPhone alarm volume. Not aware of this process? Open the “Clock” app, tap on “Alarm”, and choose “Edit” afterwards.

Did you set the alarm before on the iPhone? Then, disable the “Sleep/Wake Up” option and choose “Sound”. Additionally, you need to select a different notification tone from the next screen.

There will be a list of alarm tones in the drops-own list. Go with “Silk”, “Ripples’ ‘, ”Timba”,” Slow Rise” and ”Harp”. Change the “Repeat” option to “Always”, and then click the “Save” option. It will reduce the alarm sound from the iPhones easily.

Check the Sleep Mode

Apple allows iPhone users to monitor their sleeping time. With the Sleep/Wake Up mode, you can go to bed and wake up on time. This bedtime feature is available only on iOS 13 and earlier versions. And, this option comes with a pre-set alarm tone which you find loud. Thus, change this Apple clock feature to solve the error.

First, open the “Clock” app and opt for the “Alarm” option. Tap on the “Sleep/Wake” option and choose “Change” afterwards. Can you see a volume slider? Use that to change this Alarm mode’s volume. Select “Done”, and it won’t further cause the sound problem on an iPhone.

Additionally, you can set the alarm volume from the Health App. Open the “Health” app, go to the “Sleep” section and head towards “Browse”. Choose “Edit” or “Full Schedule” to change the next wake-up alarm option. Then, adjust the volume to avoid getting a loud alarm sound.

Disable the Attention Aware Feature

Apple included this feature to enhance the iPhone’s security. But, it can interfere with the alarm volume. Thus, turning off “Attention Aware” will resolve the iPhone alarm sound issue. However, the latest iOS 14 or 15 users won’t find this feature on their devices. Because this feature is only available in iPhone X or later versions.

Open the “Settings” apps and locate “Face ID & Attention”. Now, disable the “Attention Aware” feature and turn off the device. Restart the iPhone, set an alarm and it won’t’ further cause any sound problem.

Uninstall the Third-Party Alarm Apps

There are several third-party alarm apps available for the iPhone. Though, those apps are easy to use and have exclusive features. But, they can conflict with Apple’s “Clock” app. Remove them from the device to resolve the “iPhone alarm volume too loud” error.

Hold the unwanted alarm app for a few seconds and wait until the pop-up menu appears. Select “Remove” and tap on “Remove App” afterwards. Now, choose “Delete App” and click “Delete” when the confirmation message appears.

Alternative Ways to Troubleshoot “iPhone Alarm too Loud”

Sometimes, this volume issue can take place in a particular alarm. Delete the added alarm to fix this issue from the latest iPhones. Besides, many experienced this problem with outdated device software. Update the iPhone’s OS from the Settings app. Select “General” and tap on “Software Update” to install the latest iOS. Reset the iPhone alarm and set a low alarm volume.

But, if that doesn’t solve the problem, perform a factory reset. Take a backup of the data before that. Otherwise, you might end up losing important media files. Furthermore, iPhone users should disconnect the Bluetooth devices when the alarm is on. Open “Settings”, and then toggle off Bluetooth to overcome this alarm volume issue.