Your iPhone is well-equipped to provide you with an optimal gaming experience. So, there is no reason for you not to try out the latest games on it. Regardless of the game you pick, your iPhone should be able to run it without any issues. The latest models have a perfect battery life and display for gaming purposes.

Most of the popular mobile games have iOS versions and you can find them in the App  Store. We have some great suggestions for you if you are wondering which games to start with. 

  • Among Us

Released in 2018, Among Us has gained a lot of popularity within a very short time. You can get it for free on your iPhone. Among Us places a group of players on an isolated spaceship where one or more of them are impostors.

The job of the impostor is to eliminate other players who are in the spaceship. Then, all other players can hold a discussion and vote to decide who the impostor is among them. This goes on until either the impostor or all the other players are eliminated. 

  • Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty arrived on mobile platforms in 2019 and is available for iPhones as well. You must try to play this game on your iOS device if you have not already. It features two main game modes – Arcade and Battle Royale.

Also, you need to create a career in each game mode separately. The Arcade mode includes several types of matches to choose from. Then comes the Battle Royale mode, which features third-person and first-person matches. 

  • Pokemon Go

Are you a Pokemon fan and want to experience the nostalgia of the old games? Then, you must install Pokemon Go on your iPhone right away. It is yet another highly popular mobile game worth giving a try.

Also, you can play it from any location you want to. Your experiences with the game might differ based on your location. Moreover, the weather in the real world can make a difference to your Pokemon encounters. You would surely enjoy this game a lot on your iPhone.

  • Alto’s Odyssey

There are plenty of runner games available on your iPhone’s App Store. However, very few of them can match Alto’s Odyssey. The art of this game is one of the best things you might love about it. Also, this game has all you might want from a runner game. Now, that includes a fun challenge system, relaxing music, and many unlockable characters. 

  • Super Mario Run

Most Nintendo games are unavailable on iOS, but Super Mario Run is an exception. So, you can get it from your App Store right now and start playing it. Most people probably do not require an introduction to the character Mario. In this game, you can join him on his journey of endless running once again.

Also, you will get to kill some strange creatures and deal with other challenges along the way. Super Mario Run has most of the features of the classic game but with much-improved graphics. 

  • Genshin Impact

This game recently won The Game Award for Best Mobile Game and several nominations. It is available on several platforms other than iOS, including gaming consoles and desktops.

Also, you would love it if you are a fan of action role-playing games. There are many games which fit that category, but you must definitely try Genshin Impact. The latest iPhone’s display can add a lot to its already colourful world.

  • Plague Inc

The developers of this game created it with the iPhone architecture in mind. So, your iOS system should be able to run without any problem. In Plague Inc, you take control of a deadly virus to unleash it on the world.

While doing that, you must beat all the defences mankind tries to build against you. Apart from that, you must deal with different types and challenges. This game is a must-have for fans of strategy games.

  • Clash Royale

This free-to-play game offers an online battle arena, tower defence, and card collection. So, you must now get it from the App Store if you enjoy these elements. Many games offer similar features, but Clash Royale remains at the top.

This game offers you the option to play 1v1 or 2v2 online matches. The main objective is quite simple – destroying the opponent’s King’s Tower. Moreover, the developers have improved the Clan Wars feature recently. Clash Royale also offers you quests if you enjoy completing them. 

  • Minecraft

It has been a long time since Minecraft mobile edition was released for iOS devices. The mobile version has gained as much popularity as the classic version. After all, it offers you the same features that you got in the original Minecraft game.

Moreover, many players might prefer the mobile version over the original one. So, you must try out the Minecraft Bedrock edition on your iPhone. However, it is not free to play.

  • Candy Crush

Looking for a casual game to kill some time? Then, you must try out the all-time favourite Candy Crush. You can get it for free from the iOS App Store right now and play it without spending any money.

There are some special moves available for purchase in the game if you need them. The rules of Candy Crush are quite simple and you might never get bored from this game. Also, it features increasing levels of challenges to maintain your interest.

Explore More Games for Your iPhone

The aforementioned games are only the best among the iOS games available right now. There are many others that might interest you, so you must check them out. You can search for games on your App Store based on their genres. Now, that should make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.