Apple has finally announced iOS 16 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022. They have also discussed some of the new features as the upcoming major update. iPhone users would probably get the beta version of iOS 16 soon enough. And, the final version should be available shortly after that.

A lot of information is already available about iOS 16. And, that mainly includes the features it would contain. The information given below is all that you should know about iOS 16 right now.

When is iOS 16 Going to Release?

The biggest question you might have right now is regarding the release date for iOS 16. While Apple has not announced a specific release date, you should get the beta version in July 2022.

The developers will then make the necessary improvements to this version based on the user experience. And, you should get the final version soon after that, in September 2022. So, this is what Apple will follow if everything goes as planned.

How do You Update Your iPhone to iOS 16?

Does your phone run iOS 15? Then, you might be able to get iOS 16 on your device. And, you can do that by applying the usual method for updating your iPhone. Open the General settings and navigate to the Software Update section. You should find the iOS 16 update option there whenever it is available.

But, what If you do not find it even after the iOS 16 release? Then, your device probably cannot run the new system version. In other words, you would have to upgrade your device to run iOS 16.

What new Features will iOS 16 Add to Your Device?

Like all previous major system updates, iOS 16 will enhance various features on your iPhone. It will also introduce some new features that previous system versions did not have.

Apple has mentioned some of these features at WWDC, while they have left out others. But, we must look at both the announced and unannounced ones here.

New iMessage Functions and Unread Messages Section

With iOS 16, you can unsend a sent message or edit it. This feature would surely prove to be very helpful in some situations. Moreover, you would also see a separate section for unread messages on the new system. And, that can help you organise your iMessage app better.

Lock Screen Photo Suggestions

Are you unsure which photo would look good on your iPhone’s lock screen? Then, you can expect a solution with the upcoming iOS 16 system. It will suggest some photos from your gallery suitable for the lock screen. And, you might like one of these suggestions and decide to put it up.

Schedule Email Sends

You might not always have the time to type and send an email to someone. So, iOS 16 allows you to type an email in advance and schedule the time for sending it. We do not have much information about how this feature would work. But, it will make the daily tasks of iPhone users easier.

Undo Sent Emails

People often change their minds after sending an email to someone. And, there is no way to unsend emails in the current iOS version. However, you would get the option to do so on iOS 16. All you need to do is take this step before the recipient receives the mail.

Disconnect Calls With Siri

Until now, the disconnect button is the only way to hang up your phone. But, iOS 16 offers you a new method for doing that. You can say “Hey Siri, hang up.” to hang up your phone with the new software. However, this feature would be disabled by default. So, you would have to enable it from the Settings.

Multiple Stops on Maps

The latest released iOS version allows you to choose only one destination on the Maps app. But, the next version will allow you to choose multiple destinations. So, you can set up a multi-stop route on it. This is surely a useful addition to the iPhone for many users. You might get this feature on the beta release for iOS 16.

Secure Recently Deleted and Hidden Photos

The Recently Deleted Photos and Hidden Photos sections do not feature security until iOS 15. But, that is going to change in the next system version. And, this is a very welcoming change for people who want to keep hidden and deleted photos private. With iOS 16, you can secure these images with your Touch ID or Face ID.

New System Languages

The system language is an important aspect that developers must pay attention to. After all, iOS devices have users from most parts of the world. iOS 16 introduces some new languages to your iPhone. If it was absent earlier, you might find your native language added to your device in the next update.

New Siri Offline Support

The current version of Siri cannot perform many tasks if your device is offline. So, you would need an internet connection on your iPhone in most cases to use Siri. On iOS 16, Siri could perform more tasks offline than ever before. Right now, it is not clear which tasks it would be able to perform offline.

Lock Screen Date and Time Customisations

Are you unsatisfied with the current style of the lock screen date and time? You would look forward to the iOS 16 release. The upcoming iOS version will let you customise various aspects of the date and time. And, that includes the font colour and style, among other things.

Which iPhone Versions can Run iOS 16?

From what we know, Apple will release the iPhone 14 around the same time they release iOS 16. And, the new iPhone model should run iOS 16 if it does not have that pre-installed already. As for older models, you can expect the new system to be available on iPhone 8 and later.