iPhone 11 is envisioned to be the best Apple product that has top-tier microphones. The manufacturer included many built-in mics on the device to improve the user’s audio experience. This iOS device offers the best audio recording quality when shooting high-resolution videos.

All the iPhone 11 series have three different microphones. Most users confuse the external stereo speaker and microphone. However, these are two different iPhone units which aren’t located in the same places. 

A microphone and a speaker also serve different purposes on the device. An iPhone 11’s speaker produces sound, and the microphone records all the sound.

There is a bottom, rear and front microphone on the iPhone 11 models. However, detecting their location might be challenging at times. If you’re wondering “where is the microphone on iPhone 11” located, follow this guide to learn more about it.

Where Can You Find the Built-in Microphones on iPhone 11?

Each iPhone 11 microphones serve a unique functionality which you must be aware of. All three iPhone 11 models have the same type of microphone in the same position. 

However, these iPhone mics can wear out due to consistent usage. If you don’t know where they are located, repairing them can be difficult.

Here are three positions where you can find the three iPhone 11 microphones:

  1. Bottom Microphone

The first microphone on iPhone 11 models is located on the bottom left grill, near the lightning connector. This built-in microphone records voice calls. The ear speaker transmits the sound to the microphone during phone calls. In the iPhone 11, the right grills are the external speaker that works when playing songs, videos and other multimedia. 

  1. Front Microphone

The iPhone 11 model’s second microphone is positioned near the device’s proximity sensor. You might know where the front camera of the phone is. An iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro’s front microphone is located right next to it. 

This internal microphone helps Siri hear your voice commands. Some iPhone users confused this mic with the front camera. It is not visible at first sights, like the other two iPhone 11 built-in microphones. 

  1. Rear Microphone

The third microphone is located on the iPhone 11’s backside. If you use iPhone 11, then you will find this microphone next to the dual camera. However, the iPhone 11 Pro model users can locate the rear mic next to the triple cameras. 

You must be wondering what this iPhone 11 microphone does. It captures sound when recording high-definition videos from the device. Additionally, the rear microphone record sounds when taking pictures or playing audio. It ensures that iPhone videos have the best audio quality and clarity.

Does the iPhone 11 Use All the Microphones Simultaneously?

You must understand that an iPhone 11 can use two microphones simultaneously. One microphone can record the sound, and the other one can cancel noise during calls. Moreover, some iOS apps allow you to choose the best microphone that suits your needs.

How to Enable Microphones on the iPhone 11 Models?

The microphone option is enabled by default in all iPhone 11 models. However, if you disable it somehow, the device won’t be able to record audio. You must access the Settings app first in such instances to enable “Microphone”.

Scroll down to the Settings window and opt for “Privacy”. Head towards “Microphone” and toggle on this option. Provide microphone access to the iPhone’s messaging apps. The white switch indicates the iPhone 11’s microphone is disabled, and the green switch indicates it’s enabled.

Microphone not Working on iPhone 11? Try Out These Easy Fixes

Many iPhone 11 users reported that the microphone is not working when on a voice/video call. There can be multiple reasons behind such an occurrence. Usually, this error occurs when the microphone is clogged with dirt or dust particles. 

You can also encounter this sound issue due to misconfiguration. Whatever the reason is, iPhone users can fix this microphone error easily.

Here are the effective troubleshooting tips to fix the microphone not working on iPhone 11 error:

  1. Test the iPhone’s Microphone

There is a high possibility that the iPhone microphone isn’t working on specific apps when making calls. Thus, you must first close the problematic app and access the iOS device’s springboard. Ensure there is no app running on the iPhone 11’s background. 

Select “Extras” and choose “Voice Memos” to open the voice recording app. When the app opens, tap on the “Record” button, and speak something into the mic. Record the audio for at least 2-3 seconds and then stop it. 

Play the recording and check if any sound is coming from the audio. If you can hear a sound, the problem lies with the app you use. However, if you didn’t get any sound from the audio, the issue remains with your microphone.

  1. Restart the iPhone 11

A minor bug in the software can prevent the iPhone 11 microphone from working. However, you can eliminate the problem with a simple restart. Press and hold the device’s volume and side buttons until the power-off slider pops up. 

Drag the iPhone 11’s power-off slider from left to right. Wait at least 25-30 seconds until the iOS device turns off. Press and hold the side button to turn on the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max. Try to make a call and check if you can hear any sound from the microphone.

  1. Install the Latest iPhone 11 Software

Apple releases new iOS updates to fix the major bugs and security patches. There is a chance that the iOS version you’re using is causing a problem with the microphone. Thus, updating the latest software for iPhone 11 can solve the issue. It is pretty easy to update an iPhone to the latest iOS version. 

Here’s how you can install the new iOS update on iPhone 11:

  • Back up the essential data on your iPhone via iCloud or iTunes.
  • Connect the iOS device to the Mfi-certified charger and turn on the Wi-Fi.
  • Access the Settings app and navigate to “General” afterwards.
  • Tap on “Software Update” and check if there are any updates available for the iPhone 11.
  • Choose “Install” and enter the iPhone 11 passcode when prompted.

It might take at least 20-25 minutes to complete the iPhone 11’s software update. Don’t turn off or lock the iOS device to avoid delay. Restart the iPhone once the iOS update is complete, and then check if the mic is working.

  1. Check the App’s Audio Permissions

If the microphone is not working only in certain apps, it might not have audio permissions. Thus, ensure to give the app microphone permission to eliminate the problem. Open the Settings app from the iPhone 11’s home screen. Scroll down to the Settings window and tap on “Privacy” afterwards.

Select “Microphone” and see the list of apps that can access your device’s microphone. Ensure the toggle next to the app you want to use the microphone is on. If the toggle is off, move the slider from left to right. Open the app and check if the microphone issue is solved.

Alternative Fixes for the Microphone not Working on iPhone 11

If you use faulty earphones on iPhone 11, it could also generate a microphone issue. Because the external device connected to the device tries to access the microphone. Thus, unplug the external peripherals and check if the microphone problem is solved.

Additionally, you must consider cleaning the iPhone microphone if there is dust/debris. Locate the three microphones and remove the debris using a soft-bristled brush. You can also use masking tape to remove the dirt particles. Once cleaned, turn on the iPhone and use the microphone without glitches.