Your iPhone 14 boasts three strategically placed microphones for capturing clear audio during calls, recordings, and video chats. Their locations cater to specific uses, ensuring optimal sound pickup in various situations.

Let’s get to the details and learn more about the microphone on iPhone 14.

iPhone Microphone Placement

If you are wondering where are the microphones placed on iPhone, then here’s a detailed list:

Bottom Microphone

Nestled near the Lightning connector, this primary microphone handles regular phone calls, voice memos, and FaceTime audio.

Front Microphone

Discreetly integrated into the earpiece speaker grille, this microphone aids Facetime video calls, speakerphone conversations, front camera video recording, and Siri interactions.

Rear Microphone

Located within the rear camera module, this microphone enhances audio capture for phone calls, FaceTime video chats using the rear camera, Siri, and speakerphone.

Where is the Microphone on iPhone 14 Series?

The microphone placement remains identical across all iPhone 14 models:

  • iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: Same microphone positions as described above.
  • iPhone 14 Plus: Identical microphone layout to the Pro and Pro Max models.

Troubleshooting Microphone Issues on iPhone

If you’re experiencing muffled audio or your iPhone isn’t picking up your voice, try these troubleshooting steps:

Clean the Microphones

Gently brush the microphone openings with a soft, dry toothbrush to remove any debris or dust.

Add an External Microphone

Consider using a dedicated external microphone for situations where sound quality is crucial, like video recording or music production.


Knowing the precise location of each iPhone 14 microphone empowers you to optimize audio capture for various scenarios. By keeping the microphones clean and utilizing them effectively, you can ensure your iPhone delivers crystal-clear communication and recording experiences.

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