The location of saved voice messages on your iPhone depends on the iOS version you’re using. If you are using iOS 12 and later, then the saved audio messages are stored directly within the Messages app. Interestingly, you can access them by simply opening the conversation where the message was sent or received. However, if you are using iOS 11 and earlier, then the saved audio messages might be found in the Voice Memos app. 

However, this behavior changed with later iOS versions. So, let’s explore the latest updates.

Let’s Get into The Details

Here’s a deeper dive into how to find and manage your saved voice messages:

Finding Saved Audio Messages

It’s time to find the saved audio messages:

In the Messages App (iOS 12 and Later)

You have to open the conversation containing the saved message. Right there, you’ll see the saved audio message displayed within the chat thread.

In the Voice Memos App (iOS 11 and Earlier)

You have to open the Voice Memos app and keep looking for the saved message. You might find that it is titled with the sender’s name or the date it was saved.

Keeping Audio Messages Longer

By default, audio messages in the Messages app are set to expire after two minutes. If you want to keep them permanently, you can change this setting:

  1. You have to open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Now, try to scroll down and tap Messages.
  3. Get to the Audio Messages section, and tap on the option Expire.
  4. Finally, you have to select Never and this would prevent messages from automatically getting expiring.

Saving an Audio Message

If you receive an audio message you want to keep, you can save it within the Messages app:

  1. You have to long-press the audio message.
  2. Finally, you can tap on the option Save.

Keeping an Audio Message in the Messages App

By default, the Messages app automatically deletes audio messages after two minutes of playback. To prevent this:

  1. Tap the “Keep” option displayed below the audio message after listening to it.

Remember, if you’re using an older iOS version (iOS 11 or earlier), the saved message might be automatically transferred to the Voice Memos app after two minutes.


Understanding where your saved voice messages are located and how to manage their expiration settings helps you keep track of important audio recordings received through iMessage. By following these steps, you can easily access, save, and keep your voice messages in an organized format on your iPhone.