The battery is undoubtedly a crucial component of your iPhone, and it can have a very significant impact on the user experience. iPhone 6 offers you quite a long and impressive battery life.

However, the condition of your smartphone’s battery keeps deteriorating with time. The more frequently you charge it, the faster its condition might worsen. And, you would eventually have to replace the battery sooner or later.

iPhone 6 has a replaceable battery that you can replace it all by yourself. Apart from that, you can always approach an Apple service center for that.

Let us look at how you must proceed with an iPhone 6 battery replacement in either case.

How to Replace Your iPhone’s Battery?

You can save up some money by proceeding with the replacement all by yourself. Otherwise, you can let a technician handle that task you prefer. In any case, it is quite simple to get a replacement battery for your iPhone 6.

Do it Yourself

You must get an iPhone repair kit to proceed with a battery replacement. Various online platforms offer you original iPhone 6 batteries at reasonable prices. So, you must consider buying one from them. You can start and complete the replacement within a short time once you have the required tools.

Unscrew Your iPhone 6

Your iPhone 6 features two screws on either side of its lightning port. Unscrewing them will allow you to lift the screen and access the battery. But, make sure to switch off your phone before you take this step. Use the screwdriver that comes with the iPhone repair kit to unscrew the device.

Lift the Screen and Unscrew It

You can use the sucker that comes with the repair kit to remove the screen. You must place it right above the Home button and hold your iPhone’s case while pulling. Also, you might need to pry the screen open from the case using the plastic pick.

Once the screen comes off the case, you must keep in mind not to remove it completely. Lift it up to a right-angle and find the screen mount screws to unscrew them. You must detach the screen before performing iPhone 6 battery replacement. Otherwise, it can cause quite a lot of inconvenience.

Detach the Screen Connectors and Remove the Screen

The screws are not the only ones holding the screen in its place. So, you also need to find and detach the screen connectors. You can lift the connectors out of their ports  easily using the plastic pick. Remove the screen and keep it aside once you have detached all of its connectors.

Detach, Loosen and Remove the Existing Battery

Like the screen, a connector is attached to your iPhone 6 battery as well. And, you need to detach it the same way you did with the screen connectors. But, that would not be enough to remove the battery. You must also loosen the glue under the battery by heating the back cover. If you are wondering how to do that, a hair dryer should work fine.

You must pry off the battery using the plastic pick from the repair kit. A credit card can also be quite helpful in this task. Gently remove the old battery and prepare the new one for installation.

Insert the New Battery and Reassemble the Device

Fix the new battery in the slot and make sure to insert it the right way. Then, attach the connectors to it and put the screen back on to accomplish iPhone 6 battery replacement.

Approach a Service Center

The manufacturers offer you battery replacement services for your iPhone 6. So, you can approach their nearest service center to replace the battery. Many users might not want to approach Apple service centers for this task due to various reasons.

If that applies to you, you can find various professional iPhone repair and replacement services. They might offer you a competent iPhone 6 battery replacement service at a very affordable price.

So, an Apple service center is not the only option available to get an iPhone battery replacement.

Do You Really need an iPhone 6 Battery Replacement?

Your iPhone might lose battery too quickly under various circumstances. So, it may not always indicate that you have a faulty battery. Many people might suggest that you get a battery replacement. But, you must ensure that your iPhone 6 needs a new battery.

You must get a replacement battery only if the following methods to reduce battery usage are ineffective:

Lower Your Screen Brightness

Are you using a fairly high screen brightness? If yes, then reducing it can help you slow down battery drainage. Go to the Settings menu and navigate to the rightness options. Then, reduce it as much as possible and check whether the battery drainage has slowed down. Even if this step cannot provide a solution, it can contribute to fixing the problem.

Disable Automatic Updates

Updates can use up quite a lot of battery on your iPhone. So, you might find the battery draining away quickly with automatic updates enabled. Go to the Settings menu and navigate to the App Store section. Then, click on App Updates and turn off automatic updates for all apps.

Turn Off the Location Services 

If you have enabled location services, that might explain the fast battery usage. So, you must disable this feature and check whether that fixes the issue. Go to the Privacy section in the Settings and click on Location Services. Then, turn it off if it is enabled on your device. You must also consider doing the same with Bluetooth and WiFi if they are running.

Check Your iPhone’s Battery Health

Checking the battery health of your iPhone can help you know whether it needs a replacement. Open the Settings and go to the Battery section to find Battery Health. Then, click on Battery Health to find out various useful battery information. If its health is 40% or lower, you need to replace it as soon as possible.