Your iPhone might fail to charge under various circumstances. And, you can try out a wide range of methods to fix that. Cleaning the charging port is one of the promising ways to fix charging issues. You must also consider doing that regularly to avoid further charging problems. However, your iPhone might still fail to charge after you clean its port.

Does cleaning the charging port prove to be an ineffective solution in your case? Then, you need not worry as there are other solutions as well. Here, we will take a look at the most effective ways to fix that. Try each of them if your iPhone won’t charge after cleaning port.

5 Alternatives to Cleaning the Port for Fixing iPhone Charging Issues

You must make sure that you have cleaned the charging port properly first. Only then should you move on to other viable solutions. After all, a dirty charging port makes all other solutions ineffective against iPhone charging problems. So, you might want to try cleaning the port again using a toothpick and a can of compressed air.

Proceed with the following solutions once you have determined cleaning the charging port is not beneficial:

Use a Certified Apple Charger

Are you using a third-party charger with your iPhone? If yes, that could be why your iPhone won’t charge after cleaning the port. Getting an Apple charger might help you resolve the issue effectively. So, you must replace the third-party charger as soon as possible in such cases. If that does not do the trick, there are some other solutions to try.

Are you using a third-party cable with an Apple charger? Then, you must replace it with an Apple cable. And, that should resolve the charging issue on your iPhone. Also, try to get the right type of cable for your iPhone charger.

What if You are Using an Apple Charger?

If you are already using an Apple charger, your charger might be damaged. And, you would have to buy a new one in that case. Try using a different charger with your iPhone first before you do that. If the other compatible charger does not work, the charging port might be an issue.

Plug the Charger into Another Socket

If your iPhone won’t charge after cleaning port, it might have something to do with the power source. So, you must check whether that is the case before trying other solutions. All you have to do is simply plug the charger into a different socket.

Do you find your iPhone charging now? Then, you need to fix the socket you were using earlier and not your phone.

Connect to the Wall Socket Directly

Are you using an indirect connection between your charger and wall socket? If yes, then you must switch to a direct one. This can often fix the charging problem you face while using an indirect connection. So, you must connect your charger directly to the power outlet every time.

Connect the Charger Properly at Both Ends

The ‘iPhone won’t charge after cleaning port’ issue might indicate a connection problem, among other issues. So, you must make sure that you have connected the charger properly at both ends.

Check whether you have plugged it in properly into the power outlet. Then, check its connection with your phone and re-insert it into the charging port if required.

Does your iPhone start charging after you take this step? If yes, you simply need to ensure a proper connection with the charger. And, that should help you avoid the charging problems further unless it has any other causes.

Hard Reset Your iPhone

Various errors in your iPhone might result in the ‘iPhone won’t charge after cleaning port’ issue. And, hard resetting your device can be an effective way to fix those errors. The steps for doing that differ depending on the iPhone model.

Proceed with one of the following methods to hard reset your iPhone based on the model:

iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus and Older

Hold the side and home buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then, release them and check whether your iPhone is charging.

iPhone 7/ 7 Plus

Simultaneously press and hold down the Volume Down and side buttons. Wait for the Apple logo to appear on the screen and release the buttons. Then, connect your device to the charger to check on the problem.

iPhone 8 and Later

On the latest iPhones, you must press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons one after the other first. Then, press and hold down the power button to hard reset your iPhone. This should resolve the ‘iphone won’t charge after cleaning port’ issue.

Update Your iOS System

The problem you are facing might also have to do with your system version. Are you using an outdated iOS version on your iPhone? If yes, getting an update might help you resolve the charging problem.

So, you might want to do that as soon as possible on your device. Open the Settings section of your iPhone and go to the General section. Then, click on Software Update and look for the latest available system version.

Download and install the update whenever you are ready. You must also consider turning on automatic updates if it is disabled on your device. And, that way, you would not have to update your iOS system manually every time. In any case, you might find your iPhone able to charge after updating its system.

What if these Methods do not Work?

You can usually fix the iPhone charging issue with one of the aforementioned methods. But, they are not always effective. And, you might have to reach out to a reliable iPhone repair service in such cases.

The Apple customer support team can also help you find an effective solution within a short time. But, you must try restoring your device to its factory settings before that.