The iPhone 11 has three microphones strategically placed to capture audio for various functions. Let’s delve deeper into their locations and purposes.

Understanding the iPhone’s Microphones

iPhones, including the iPhone 11, typically have multiple microphones. Their placement and purpose vary depending on the model. 

Generally, iPhones have microphones on the front, bottom, and back.

  • Front Microphone: Primarily used for capturing your voice during FaceTime calls and video recordings.
  • Bottom Microphone: The main microphone for regular phone calls. It’s also involved in noise cancellation for clearer audio during calls.
  • Rear Microphone: Used for improved audio recording, especially in video recording, and for noise cancellation.

Where is the Microphone on iPhone 11?

The iPhone 11 follows the same microphone placement as most iPhones. Here’s a breakdown of the three microphones:

Front Microphone

Look at the top bezel of your iPhone 11, right next to the TrueDepth camera system (the notch area that houses the front camera and Face ID sensors). There’s a tiny hole there – that’s the front microphone.

Bottom Microphone

Flip your iPhone 11 over. You’ll see the Lightning port for charging. To the left of this port, there are two sets of holes. The bottom set of holes houses the bottom microphone.

Rear Microphone

Turn your iPhone 11 back over. On the back, near the top left corner, you’ll see the dual-lens camera system. A tiny hole right next to the camera lens is the rear microphone.

How to Use Your iPhone’s Microphone Effectively?

Now that you know where the microphones are, here are some tips for using them effectively:

For Clear Audio Recording

When recording videos or using voice memo, hold your iPhone in landscape mode (with the screen wider than it is tall). This ensures both the front and rear microphones pick up sound.

Troubleshooting Microphone Issues

If others have trouble hearing you during calls, restart your iPhone. If the issue persists, check for debris covering the microphone holes. You can also try cleaning the holes gently with a soft brush. If none of these solutions work, contact Apple Support for further assistance.


Understanding the location and purpose of the iPhone 11’s microphones allows you to optimize audio recording and calls. By following the tips mentioned, you can ensure clear and crisp audio capture on your iPhone 11.