There is currently no known feature or function on the iPhone designated by the number 8938. However, “8938” has become an internet meme stemming from a humorous misunderstanding about iPhone security features.

What is the 8938 iOS Feature (That Doesn’t Exist)?

The “8938” meme originated from a joke about a fictional iOS feature that supposedly simplifies the two-factor authentication process. This imaginary feature would automatically fill in verification codes during logins, with the number “8938” being a placeholder for the code itself.

Origin and Spread of the 8938 Meme

The meme gained traction on social media platforms like Twitter, where comedians used screenshots of iPhones with a red circle drawn around the text “8938.” The humor stemmed from the absurdity of such a feature existing and the nonsensical code itself.

Examples of the 8938 Meme

The meme quickly spread among Apple users, spawning hilarious tweets and posts. Users would jokingly ask for help understanding the “8938 feature” or claim to have accidentally activated it.

Potential Risks and Criticisms of the 8938 Meme

While the meme is lighthearted, it’s important to remember that two-factor authentication is a crucial security measure. Jokes about automatic codes could downplay the importance of protecting personal information. Additionally, the meme might create confusion for less tech-savvy users who might believe “8938” is a real feature.


The “8938” meme highlights the playful and sometimes nonsensical nature of internet humor. However, it’s important to distinguish between real security features and lighthearted jokes.