Sharing your Amazon cart on iPhone opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re brainstorming gift ideas with friends, coordinating purchases with family, or comparing prices with a partner, knowing how to seamlessly share your cart simplifies the online shopping experience. 

This guide outlines various methods for sharing your Amazon cart on iPhone, along with additional tips and troubleshooting advice to ensure your shopping collaboration goes smoothly.

Ways to Share Your Amazon Cart

There are several convenient ways to share your Amazon cart on iPhone, each offering unique advantages and ease of use. Choose the method that best suits your needs and the recipient’s preferences.

1. Share-A-Cart Extension

A dedicated iOS extension that generates a unique code representing your cart.


Offers a streamlined experience specifically for cart sharing. The recipient can easily load your cart by entering the code, eliminating the need for additional app installations or email invites.

How to Use

Install the Share-A-Cart extension from the App Store. Once items are in your cart, tap the Share extension icon, generate the code, and share it with your recipient.

2. Shopping Cart Share Extension

A versatile extension that allows sharing not only Amazon carts but also carts from other online stores.


Provides broad sharing functionality beyond just Amazon. Ideal if you frequently shop across different platforms and want to share carts in one place.

How to Use

Install the Shopping Cart Share extension from the App Store. In the Amazon app, open your cart and tap the extension icon. Select Amazon as the store, choose your preferred sharing method (email, message, etc.), and send the invite.

3. Invite Someone Through Your List

A built-in Amazon feature that lets you share your cart by adding individuals to your “Amazon Wishlist” and granting them editing permissions.


Offers granular control over cart access. You can choose whether recipients can only view or also edit and add items.

How to Use

Go to “Your Lists” in the Amazon app. Select the list containing your cart items and tap “+ Invite.” Enter the recipient’s email address, choose their access level (view only or view and edit), and send the invite.

4. Share Via Chrome Extension

If you prefer using the Amazon website on your iPhone’s Chrome browser, extensions like “ListMate” or “Share Shopping Cart” enable cart sharing functionality.


Provides an option for those who primarily use the website and prefer familiar Chrome extensions.

How to Use

Install the chosen extension in Chrome. On the Amazon website, navigate to your cart and follow the extension’s specific instructions to generate a shareable link or invite.

5. Share Using Mobile Devices

You can share your cart directly from the Amazon app through various built-in sharing options like messages, email, or social media.


Offers a quick and straightforward way to share your cart with individuals already in your contact list.

How to Use

In the Amazon app, open your cart and tap the “Share” icon. Choose your preferred sharing method (e.g., Messages, Mail, WhatsApp), select the recipient, and send the invite.

Additional Tips for Sharing Your Amazon Cart

Here are a few additional tips tha might help you for sharing your Amazon Cart:

Adding Items to a Shared Cart

Once you’ve shared your cart, both you and the recipient can add or remove items unless you’ve restricted access.

Preferences for Sharing

Consider if you want the recipient to only view your cart or also have the ability to edit and add items. Choose the appropriate sharing method based on your preference.

Moving Wishlist to Cart

If you have items on your Amazon wishlist that you want to share, simply move them to your cart before sharing.

Can You Make Separate Carts on Amazon?

Currently, Amazon doesn’t offer a feature to create multiple carts. However, sharing your cart and granting different access levels can effectively serve as a workaround for managing separate shopping lists.

Troubleshooting Errors While Sharing Amazon cart on iPhone

Lets have a look at the common issues and solutions associated with sharing Amazon cart on iPhone:

Recipient Can’t Load the Cart

Ensure they’re using the correct method based on how you shared it (code for Share-A-Cart, link for website extensions, etc.). If using email, check if the invite went to spam.

Items Missing from the Shared Cart

Verify that both you and the recipient are accessing the same Amazon account and region. Ensure items haven’t gone out of stock or become unavailable.


Sharing your Amazon cart on iPhone opens a door to collaborative shopping experiences, streamlined gift brainstorming, and price comparison with ease.